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Weight Loss for Women Over 40

Lose Weight for the Last Time.

Online Coaching with Nicole Simonin

“All the things that worked in the past to lose weight are not working anymore now that I am over 40!”

After decades and decades of trying all kinds of things to lose weight…you have just had it with your body!


“Why won’t my body do what I want it to do?!

You are doing all the things but all the things that worked in the past aren’t working anymore.

You keep looking for THE diet that is going to finally get you the body you want.

Here’s the secret that know one is telling you (but me)….you will NEVER have lasting weight loss if you are in Dieter’s Mentality.

Losing weight starts from inside of you.

Learning about who you are and how your brain operates.

Diet and workouts is not the first step.

Setting your mindset up for success is the first thing you need to do.

Once that is in place, weight loss is super easy to do.

TEDx Talk Dead Butt Syndrome
by Nicole Simonin

Meet Nicole

Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist Assistant, TV and Podcast Host, Author and TedX Speaker

Hey there and welcome into my world!

My name is Nicole Simonin and I have done the diets, food logging, macro counting, grueling workouts, obsessing about food, feeling so incredibly outta control around food, feeling so ashamed when the scale didn’t give me the number I wanted to see, crying in the fetal position because I couldn’t fit into my event dress…

Hating yourself skinny is not the answer.

Mindset work has changed my life and my clients’ lives!

Wouldn’t you like to feel calm and relaxed around your favorite foods? My philosophy is “no foods off limits”…you do not need to count points, weigh food or have a meal plan. You can learn to just eat. Eat all your favorite foods AND still lose weight.

Your body was meant to move. Learn how to find ways to be strong and flexible so you can be independent and active as you age…and that doesn’t mean going to the gym for 2 hours a day especially if you hate going to the gym.

Stop forcing yourself to eat foods you hate and doing workouts that feel terrible to you.

I want to invite you into my world where what happens between your ears is the most important part of losing weight for the last time.

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It doesn’t matter if you are 5 pounds overweight or 100 pounds overweight, if you don’t feel good in your own skin you have a “weight problem”.

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Weight Loss For Women Over 40 podcast

Want to learn more about my philosophy on weight loss? Listen to my top-ranking “Weight Loss for Women Over 40” podcast  

I make weight loss simple.

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Lose It For The Last Time Group Program

Lose It For The Last Time Group Program

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VIP Private Coaching 

Nicole Simonin

Ready to say "YES!" to you?


Retrain your brain for permanent weight loss success.

There are no foods off limit.

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