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20 Minute Thanksgiving Workout for Women Over 40

Offset the Turkey dinner by complete this 20 minute Thanksgiving Workout for Women Over 40! (*Want a custom designed workout just for you?? Click Here.)

20 Minute Thanksgiving Workout Shape it Up Nicole Simonin

Complete Each Exercise for 30 Seconds

Click exercise name for video demo of exercise.

As ALWAYS make sure you warm up and cool down properly. Work with in your capacity.

  1. Push Up

  2. Jumping Jacks

  3. Rear Lunge with Straight Front Kick

  4. Jumping Jacks

  5. Plies

  6. Jumping Jacks

  7. Shoulder Press

  8. Thigh Burners

  9. Hammer Curl

  10. Thigh Burners

  11. Tricep Kickbacks

  12. Thigh Burners

  13. Unicycle

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