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3 Exercises You Can Do While the Kids are Playing

The next time you’re spending a morning or afternoon with your kids at the playground, don’t just sit there — get in a little workout! Here are three exercises you can do.

#1: Picnic Table Push-ups Exercise

Stand facing the table, a couple of feet away. Lean in, and lock your thumbs on the table. Keep your back flat. Drop down by bending your elbows, and then come up.

How to do a push up

Click to watch how to do a proper push up.

#2: Squats Exercise

Stand up, squat down, and then come back up.

Click to watch how to do a squat correctly.

#3: Tricep Dips Exercise

Sit on the bench, facing away from the picnic table. Put your hands on the bench, fingers facing forward. Bring your rear end off the bench, drop it down, and then come back up. To make it harder, extend your legs out with your weight on your heels, and then drop down.

Do as many as you can of each exercise.

So get outside, go for a walk, do some exercises, get some fresh air – do something!

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