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3 Tips For Keeping New Year Resolutions

3 Tips For Keeping New Year Resolutions

It is always amazing to me how pumped up everyone is January 1st.  The gyms are packed.  Meal plans are all laid out. And by mid January or maybe by February the gyms are empty again and you are pulling into fast food joints to grab dinner. Don’t be that person! It has to become a lifestyle not a HUGE overhaul the beginning of each year.

So here are 3 tips for keeping your New Year Resolution

3 Tips For Keeping New Year Resolutions

1. Make your goal just slightly out of reach

I am all for reaching for the stars but you have to be realistic. If you have never worked out ever and you have decided to start doing 6 days a week…you might initially hit that goal but pretty soon you might find you aren’t making it happen. A better goal might be to start with 2 days per week.

2. Be accountable to someone

As well intended as siblings and friends are… they may not be the best person to hold you to your word. If things get hard they might give you the green light to slack off. A better option would be to hire someone. No this is not necessarily a plug for hiring me but when you pay someone like a personal trainer, you’ve got skin in the game. Plus if you get a good trainer they will hold you accountable outside of your session times.

Need some accountability?? Click here.

3 Tips For Keeping New Year Resolutions

You have to pick a goal that lights you up…and maybe terrifies you a little bit.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is how you grow as a person.  Having a goal that evokes a feeling inside of you. Yes stating a goal of walking for 30 minutes every day is not very exciting BUT it’s what that little goal will lead to.  I have clients who started with me with the intent to “lose weight” and now that the weight is lost they are skiing, rock climbing and hiking. Just like in my tagline “Have no limits!”  So get excited over your goals!

What is one of your New Year Resolution goals? Comment below.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

This way of setting goals will get you one step closer to success!


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