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5 Tips to Navigating July 4th Parties

It’s July 4th weekend, and with all the parties where you’re going to be celebrating the holiday, you’re also going to have all the food that you’re going to want to eat. Here are five tips to help you navigate the 4th.

#1: Eat Your Breakfast, with Plenty of Protein

When I’m going to a party, I have my normal breakfast – oatmeal, egg whites with vegetables, and, of course, my coffee and my favorite creamer. I also have a protein shake, because when you load up on the protein, you’ll have a bit more wiggle room on those carbs at the party.

#2: Bring a Dish or Two that You Enjoy – Including Dessert

Make a healthful side dish or a main meal that you enjoy. Don’t tell anybody it’s healthful, because nobody else will eat it! If you love sweets, bring a dessert too. These will save you at the party, because you’ll have more control over what you eat.

#3: Eat What You Want – You Can Still Lose Weight

Whether or not you bring food to the party, eat what you want. You can still lose weight and lose the inches. Be comfortable with your decisions. Just make sure you’re hungry, and stop eating when you’re comfortably full. It can be challenging when you’re having a good time and chatting with family and friends, but keep in tune with your stomach, and you’ll be fine.

#4: Watch out for Peer Pressure

When your family and friends try to force you to eat something, or question why you’re not eating something, don’t give in. Frankly, it’s none of their business. You’re on your fitness journey – make your own choices to meet your own goals.

#5: You Always Have a Choice

You always have a choice in what you’re eating, whether you’re working out, whatever you’re doing to reach your goals. You are either getting closer to your goals, or you’re getting further away from them. Be conscious of that, and make good choices.

Hope you choose to have a wonderful July 4th

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