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5 Workout Mistakes Women Over 40 Make

Here are the top 5 workout mistake I see women over 40 making.

5 Workout Mistakes Women Over 40 Make Shape It Up - Nicole Simonin

#1 Workout Mistakes Women Over 40 Make

Bored with generic fitness programs  Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

Finding a generic workout online or in a magazine

  1. You don’t know who the trainer had in mind when designing this program. Was it for mom’s post-pregnancy or women who have been working out for 3+ years?

  2. Sometimes these generic workouts are more for the “shock and awe” factor. Have you ever seen the girl doing squats on a big ball??? Yeah. If your safety radar hasn’t gone off already…that’s not a safe.

  3. Sometimes the workouts are trying to be SO creative that it’s more about bragging rights than it is for actually working muscles correctly and effectively.

#2 Workout Mistakes Women Over 40 Make

Over 40 and doing 20 year old designed workouts Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

Using a program that was designed for 20-year-old girls

  1. You need to accept the fact that you are over 40 (don’t worry there are ways to make this work to your advantage). You are not the same as you were in your 20’s not physically, not mentally. Stop doing workouts that aren’t tailored for you.

  2. Do you remember when you could “just eat a little bit less and lose 5lbs”?? Sorry, those days are over. It’s now about managing your hormones and your state of mind. Have no fear because you can still enjoy food AND lose weight.

  3. As a woman over 40, you need a program designed for you. One tailored to what you need to do to succeed in your weight loss goals.

#3 Workout Mistakes Women Over 40 Make

Warm up exercises for women over 40

Not warming up

  1. Being over 40, you need to warm up a little bit longer. You might need to warm up for 10-15 minutes.

  2. Take the time to acclimate your body, increasing blood flow and increasing temperature of your muscles will help you get a better workout. A good warm up will increase your heart rate, loosens up your tendons and ligaments, and help lubricate your joints in preparation of getting the most out of your workout.

  3. Warm up using your choice of cardio equipment. I like to start my clients off with the treadmill. Start with walking and build to a faster walk pace or a light jog. You can also use an elliptical for non-impact warm up. I like to use standing up cardio like the treadmill or elliptical. You will incorporate you full body as opposed to sitting on a bike. Same rules…start slow and pick up the pace as you get warmer.

  4. If you are not using equipment, I like my client to warm up with side stepping, marches in place, lite jog in place, etc. and build up to jumping jacks or other impact exercises if the client doesn’t have any joint issues.

  5. Finish your warm up with some dynamic stretches. You can read more here about dynamic stretches.

#4 Workout Mistakes Women Over 40 Make

Pushing too hard and too quick when starting a fitness program  Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

Going to hard too quickly

  1. If you are a beginner or what I like to call a “restart” (someone who used to workout but has not in quite awhile) you need to pace yourself.

  2. There is nothing worse than being sore for 3-4 days so much that you can’t walk up the stair comfortably or sit down without pain. Yes, if you are just starting or getting back into it you will be sore for the first week. But if you are sore for more than three days you did too much.

  3. If you want your body to last, you need to be nice to it. Fuel your body with healthy foods, and ease back into your workouts.

  4. Acclimation is key! It’s better to start slower and build then to get injured or decrease your desire to continue to workout because you are too sore.

  5. Very important you make sure you take enough time to warm up. Read more on warm ups here.

#5 Workout Mistakes Women Over 40 Make

Not cooling down and stretching

  1. A cool down is just like a warm up but in reverse.

  2. The purpose of the cool down is to bring your heart rate down, allowing your body to return to a less heightened state. Skipping a cool down would be like driving 100 miles per hour and then slamming on the brakes. Not good.

  3. Ways to cool down would be walking on treadmill or pacing around the room, marching in place, etc. will help bring your heart rate down.

  4. Finish your workout by completing some static stretches. Read more about passive static stretches here.

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