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A Berry, Berry Good Smoothie

A Berry, Berry Good Smoothie

Okay, so I am really going to show my age…but growing up I was into Strawberry Shortcake. Remember the little dolls that smelled delicious and they all had little pets named after desserts?? If you do welcome to middle age LOL!

Everything for Strawberry Shortcake was “berry, berry [insert any word].  This smoothie was inspired by her catch phrase! I hope you think it’s a berry, berry good smoothie too!

A Berry, Berry Good Smoothie Shape It Up Recipes


  1. 4 oz Unsweetened Almond Milk

  2. 100g Non-Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt

  3. 1 scoop of protein powder (20-25 grams of protein)

  4. 100g Strawberries, frozen

  5. 50g Blueberries, frozen


Combine all ingredients and blend in blender.

Serving: 1


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