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Best Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitors -Chest Strap Versus Wristband Monitors 

Which is the best heart rate monitor option for you?

Which is the best heart rate monitor a chest strap or a wristband?

Here are some pros and cons of each:

Chest Strap

Pro’s of a Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor:

  1. Much more accurate

  2. The chest strap is placed by your heart so it’s going to get a better reading making them typically more accurate than a wristband.

Con’s of a Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor:

  1. For women, chest straps can be uncomfortable. The chest strap is worn right under your breasts. It is also where your sports bra lays. So not only do you have a chest strap that is sitting and constricting you but then you have your sports bra on top of it which is confining. Personally, I feel it very constricting and have a hard time breathing.

  2. Chances are you’re not going to wear a chest strap all day. You’re only going to wear it during the time you’re exercising.  I have tried to wear a chest strap all day… it is very uncomfortable.

Wristband Heart Rate Monitor

Pro’s of a Wristband Heart Rate Monitor

Depending on which wristband version you get….

  1. Wristbands can tell you a lot more information.

  2. Wristbands can keep you more accountable.

Con’s of a  Wristband Heart Rate Monitor

  1. As far as for your heart rate monitoring, wristbands are not accurate.

  2. The band is placed around your wrist. Yes there are pulse points there but not as strong as at your chest. Some wristbands tell you to pull the band up for better readings but there is still a margin of error.

So which is the best heart rate monitor for you?

It really depends on what you’re planning on using the information for. If you are a recovering cardiac patient, I would suggest using a chest strap. (Please always check with your physician as with any fitness or nutritional information as everyone is different).

If you are just aiming to stay in your target heart rate zones then a wristband might be a better option for you.  Plus you will get a lot more options with your wristband besides heart rate monitoring.

There are other ways to monitor your heart rate such as RPE and Talk Test more on that in a future blog post.

Which do you prefer for a heart rate monitor…chest strap or wristband? Share your comments in the section below.


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