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Body Fat and Muscle


“My muscle has turned all to fat!”

Myth busted:

Fat is fat and muscle is muscle. Muscle and fat are two separate things. One cannot turn into the other or vice versa.

The reason people feel their muscle has turned to fat is a decrease in lean muscle mass and more adipose tissue (fat) has developed on the body. The only correlation muscle and fat have is the more muscle mass you have the more your metabolic rate speeds up which in turn will help burn body fat all day long. The body works harder to preserve the lean muscle tissue thus using more calories to sustain the muscle mass. The most accurate way to calculate your body fat is to do an autopsy. I don’t think I’ll see any people signing up for this testing.

Do not just rely on the scale…this is why there are other tests to assess your progress.

Get your body fat percent taken, body mass index, girth measurements or an easy one….put on a tight pair of jeans that have been hiding in the back of your closet…how do they fit?

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