Burpees Will Help With Aging

I know…I know…you ALL want to perfect your burpees!! lol….


Burpees is a fantastic exercise! No one will agree with me BUT it is great because it will help you with:

  1. Strength – burpees works your entire body. Especially if you are adding in push ups or other body weight exercise into the movement.

  2. Endurance – you are going to get a cardio workout with burpees even if you are doing no impact.

  3. Longevity – When I working as a Physical Therapist Assistant my elderly patients had a lot of trouble getting up from the floor. If you start working on your burpees now as you get older you will be much more likely to have your body conditioned for getting up off the floor.

I don’t know about you but the last reason seals the deal for me! Wouldn’t you like to be independent as you get older? 

Make sure you watch the video for variations on burpees. Perfect for beginners.

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