Can’t Sleep?Learn How To Get A Great Night’s Sleep

Get A Great Night's Sleep Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

It’s rare if I can’t sleep….Typically, I Get A Great Night’s Sleep

Don’t be a hater but I can fall asleep fast (ask my husband – as soon as my head hits the pillow I am usually out).  I have always been able to get a great night’s sleep.  I can remember being in rehearsals (when I was with the ballet company) I would just curl into a ball on the side of the studio and take little cat naps. Then jump up when I was needed to rehearse.  I can’t read a book or sit still for more than 20 minutes without wanting to fall asleep (maybe I am narcoleptic?).  Anyways…my secret…I think I just know how to relax my body so I can sleep.

I have a routine (along with some tricks I have learned over the years) I follow every night before I go to bed and most of consists of keeping the lights dim or my eyes half shut while I am heading for bed (hey don’t knock it, it works). So I am pretty much half asleep by the time I get to my bed.

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why you need to get a great night's sleep Shape It Up Nicole Simonin
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