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Can You Eat After 6PM And Still Lose Weight?

Can you eat after 6PM and still lose weight?

So this is another fitness myth that drives me crazy! It doesn’t matter what time you eat as long as you eat less calories than you’re burning. If you overeat you will gain scale weight… bottom line. I have eaten many times right before I’ve gone to bed and I have never had a problem with losing weight. So again I’m not advocating have a 1,000 calorie meal right before you go to bed. Because I don’t think that’s really good for your body. Because if you’re eating a lot of food and you’re sleeping, it’s just sitting there in your stomach all night long slowly digesting.

Also, food is meant to give you energy. I don’t think you need that much energy sleeping.

So you don’t need to be eating a 1,000 calorie meal right before you go to bed but you can absolutely eat after 6:00 p.m.

So what happens to people that work night-shift? Do they not eat over 6:00 p.m.?? No! It doesn’t matter!

You really (ideally) want to spread out your meals throughout the day. So make sure you don’t have one big meal because that’s a lot for your body to process. Like I’m not a big fan of intermittent fasting or anything like that. I like giving your body enough to get through a couple hours… and then refueling… giving yourself more and then refueling. You don’t want your body to like starve the entire day and then eat this huge meal that you’re just like… you you’re going into a food coma because you ate so much food.

I remember.. I don’t know how many years ago it’s been awhile… but a very famous person…. I remember this person struggles with weight loss a lot. They’ve yo-yoed back and forth between their weight. You can watch them… as they were on TV… so you can watch their progression.

But I remember them saying that their trainer told them that they are not allowed to eat (not even a grape) after I think it was 6 or 7 p.m.

That is ridiculous!

One little grape is not gonna set you over. It’s just not!Unless you’re overeating the entire day.

So definitely a myth!

So what do you think about this myth? Do you disagree? Write your comments below.

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