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Can You Hear Me Now


Have you ever been to an aerobic or spin class were your ears were ringing when the class was over?

Or maybe your ear buds are vibrating in your ears because you are jammin’ to your favorite tunes?

Your inner ear has little tiny hairs which transmit information about loudness and frequency to your brain. When you listen to loud sounds the hair cells can break or disintegrate which leads to holes in the membrane. Information can not reach the brain and hearing becomes impaired.

Woman Enjoying Her MP3 Player

Once you lose your hearing you cannot get it back. Hello Miracle Ear!

Excessive noise can interrupt your sleep and your ability to perform tasks.

Studies have found that people that live in excessively loud areas may have an increase in blood pressure.

The Office of Health & Safety at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommend 85 decibels or lower over an 8 hour duration.

Just to give you a prospective lawn mowers and helicopters register around 90-100 decibels. Jackhammers come in at 106 decibels.

 Protect your hearing by lowering you volume on your personal devices. If you are taking a fitness class, you may want to bring some earplugs (which may mute the sound by about 30 decibels).

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