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Can You Target Fat Loss?

Can you target fat-loss??

Today, I am bustin’ through fitness myths and I am going to tell you whether or not you actually can target fat loss plus if you’ve ever uttered this … “I am losing weight but my hips are looking huge!”

I’ve got some insider tips that when you hear them you are gonna say “oohh that makes total sense”.

Can You Target Fat Loss?”

The short answer is no.

Why you can’t lose body fat in just one area of your body?

Your body stores body fat in different areas of your body based on your genetics. We all have primary fat storage areas and secondary areas and so forth. Knowing your body type will help you achieve weight loss quicker.

Take me for instance, if I gain body fat it goes to my tush. This is my primary fat storage area. If I were to continue to gain body fat it would go to my secondary area which is my thighs…then if I were to continue it would go to my waist and work it’s way down towards my feet and up throughout my upper body.

Here’s the kicker!

When I lose body fat it does not come off of my tush first.


It will come off my face or my ankles. If I continue to lose body fat it will come off my chest, waist and eventually when I am getting close to a lower body fat percentage only then will I see it come off my thighs and tush!

Have you ever said or heard a friend say “I am losing weight but my hips are looking huge!”

This is TOTALLY normal!

What is happening is (just like me) their primary fat storage is in their hips.

From my experience of working with over 100’s of women, most women start to lose body fat in the face and torso first which makes your hips look twice as wide.

You just haven’t hit that primary body fat storage area yet.

Now here’s another kicker!

If you start to lose body fat and you’re getting close to hitting your primary storage BUT you start gaining body fat back….guess where it will go???


It will go into your primary body fat storage!

So now your torso will still be leaner and you’ve now gained MORE body fat onto your hips!!

Not what most women are going for!

Yo-Yo Dieting

This is one of the reasons why yo-you dieting is such a nightmare! So when you are getting close to your primary fat storage….keep going!! Those “trouble areas” will decrease or even disappear as you hit your ideal body fat percentage.

Question of the Day

I would like to know what your thoughts are on targeting fat loss?

One of the best things about being on social media is that I get to connect with people like you that I might never have met. Some of the best conversations are had in the comment section below so get engaged by connect with me and others in the comment section.

Until next time remember to get fit, be fierce and have no limits!


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