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Collision Course For Destruction


Did you ever notice the word “die” in diet???…

Are you going to die on a diet?..

Probably not (unless it is a VERY extreme diet).

BUT you can do A LOT of damage to your body if you are yo-yo dieting.

Talk about a metabolism collision course for destruction!

When you go on a new fad “diet” this is usually the course you have laid out for yourself:

“I will start on Monday!” [because we all know great things happen only on Mondays (well placed eye roll)…

So Monday you start your new diet.  You feel great!  “I am doing really good”, you think.  “I’ve had my tic-tac for breakfast, lunch was a shake filled with processed sugars and dinner will be my “sensible” meal. I am keeping my calories low and I am going to lose this weight…finally!”…Day #1 a “success” and a 2 pound weight loss. [What’s really happening: You are in the honeymoon phase.  You feel slimmer already because you have decreased your calorie intake and you have lost some water weight.  Your body is okay with that…for this one day.]

Day 2 – Tuesday.  “I feel great today…but I am a little hungry.  That’s okay because I have WILL POWER!” By the end of the day, your starting to dream of foods…and probably foods with a ton of sugar and fat.  These foods are calling to you “Eat me…It’s okay. One’s not gonna hurt you…..“Nope”, you say,“because I have will power.”….Day 2 a struggle but an additional 1 pound loss . [What’s really happening: Your body is starting to think that this is the way it’s going to be…not a lot of food coming in.  So your body’s natural response is to start storing things for the famine that’s about to happen. Can you guess what your body is going to store?  Yup, FAT!  And that 1 pound weight loss was probably some much needed lean muscle.]

Day 3 – Wednesday.  “Boy, I am starving!!  …and I’m feeling a bit dizzy.  BUT I look great! …But I’m really hungry…and I CAN’T eat  ‘that’ (whatever ‘that’ may be. Let’s say it’s a chocolate cookie)...”it’s not on my diet.  I’ll have my tic-tac for breakfast and I will use my… will power??”  By lunch, you are out of your mind obsessing about food and how it tastes and how GOOD it will make you feel after you eat it. [What is really happening: Your body is trying to preserve you.  So it is sending all kinds of signals for you to eat and eat A LOT. Don’t blame your body for doing what it is supposed to do to make sure you still exist.]

Wednesday night: You blow it!  You eat anything that is within your reach!! Ahhhh, that feels good!.…10 minutes later…“Why did I do that!?!  I have no will power at all.  I can’t do this. It’s too hard!  What is wrong with me???”

Thursday and Friday you are miserable and feel like an utter failure.  So you head on into the weekend ready to console yourself with all kinds of good foods.

Sunday night: You have now gained back the 3 pounds you lost and they brought some friends….now you’re up 5 pounds from day one. “Well, I can start my diet tomorrow on Monday.”

And so starts the yo-yo dieting.

This yo-yo will totally destroy your metabolism by sending your hormones and blood sugar on the roller coaster ride from hell.  It will make any future attempts to lose weight 10 times harder because your body “remembers” and prepares for disaster quicker with each diet. PLUS with each “diet”, your body will take prisoners (a.k.a. fat) and they will multiple….and your body will NOT let the prisoners go with out a fight.

That story is crazy right??

The sad part is… the above story is true in many people’s lives.

Is it true in yours??

Get educated on why your body does what it does and work with your body NOT against it. Once you and your body are in unison, watch how that fat just melts off your body.

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