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Create A Habit For Great Night’s Sleep

Create Habits For great night's sleep Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

If you create a habit that you do every night, you will be signaling your body that it is time for bed. I hate to say it but it is very much like Pavlov’s dog. It is important you create a habit that fit’s your individual style. These are just some suggestions on how you can create a habit for a great night’s sleep.

  1.  Listen to soothing music

  2. Write in a journal

  3. Read a relaxing book (you really want to fall asleep quick…read a dictionary! Try it! I promise you’ll be out in no time).

  4. Take a hot bath…more tips like this here.

  5. Close your eyes and go over all the positive things that happened in your life that day

  6. Go over what didn’t go as planned and think of ways to make things smoother if that situation should come up again

  7. Do some yoga moves or light stretches

  8. Meditate or pray

  9. Use these Relaxation Techniques

  10. Practice slow, deep breathing

  11. Day (or should I say “night”) dream – let your mind wander

17 tips for great night's sleep Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

of tips you can use to get a great night’s sleep.

Check them out here.

…whatever it is you decide to do keep it in the same order so your body knows the signals that it’s time for sleep.  It’s kinda like when you have kids.  Typically, they have the same bedtime routine so they know that sleep time is coming.

Side note: There are medications you can take to help you sleep but I highly recommend trying the above suggestions
and leave the medicines as a last resort. **Always consult with your physician before taking any supplements or medications.

So I hope you will be able to get some zzz’s using some of the tips above.  Maybe you have some you would like to share?  You can share them below in the comment box. Sweet dreams!

It’s rare if I can’t sleep….Typically, I Get A Great Night’s Sleep


Get A Great Night's Sleep Shape It Up Nicole Simonin
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