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Diet Deprivation:Why Diets Make You Feel Deprived

Why Diets Make You Feel Deprived - Shape It Up - Nicole Simonin

So, don’t yell at me but diets don’t make you feel deprived…

YOU make yourself feel deprived.


Please don’t get me wrong…. you do NOT need to be on a diet to be successful at weight loss.

Say you have set a goal for yourself to eat a certain way for this “diet”.

Week 1 of Your Diet Deprivation

The first week you are on fire!

You’ve nailed every meal and the scale is showing you are down a few pounds.

Yeah you!!

You’ve managed to get through the weekend and you’re are heading into week two.

Week 2 of Your Diet Deprivation

Beginning of week two starts off good but then you have a dinner business meeting at your favorite restaurant. AHHHHH!

Now, how are you going to eat out at a restaurant when you are on this diet.

You go to the restaurant armed and ready to eat as close to the diet as you can.

But ohhh that bread looks yummy and you are starving!

You eat the bread and start to feel a little guilty. “Well, it’s one piece of bread that’s not gonna totally derail me. Plus, I’ve been doing really good on my diet’.

Dinner comes… and then dessert. “Well, everyone else is having dessert. I don’t want to have to explain why I am ‘not allowed’ to have dessert. But I already had the bread…. we’ll I‘ll have dessert and then get right back to the diet tomorrow”.

On the ride home the guilt starts to kick in.

The verbal abuse that starts in your head is vicious which makes you feel even worse. “Why did I do that?! I totally blew it!”

The Diet Deprivation Begins

Sacrifice. Deprivation. Sadness. All these emotions start surfacing.

The problem isn’t the bread or the desserts. It’s the fact you made a promise to yourself to commit to this diet and now you are not honoring the commitment you made.

The bread doesn’t make you feel deprived. The bread is neutral. It didn’t jump into your mouth and force you to eat it. It’s the thoughts you have about the bread that make you feel like you are making a sacrifice and going through deprivation.

Only YOU can make yourself feel deprived.

Maybe you picked the wrong diet?…

Click here to read why fad diets are horrible for lifetime weight loss success!

Are you dating your fitness goals or are you married to them?


If your boss asked to meet you for dinner would you show up on time?

Would you make excuses as to why you can’t make it?

Would you just not show up?

This is how most people set up their fitness goals.

You make a commitment to yourself and then when things aren’t perfect you jump ship.

When you started your corporate career, you didn’t automatically become CEO. You worked your way up. I am sure you made plenty of mistakes but you kept going because becoming a female CEO was your goal. Your mentors helped guide you and assisted you to grow in your career. You learned from those mistakes.

Weight loss is no different.

  1. Mistakes will be made.

  2. Workouts will get missed.

  3. You are going to overeat

As long as you never give up on your weight loss goal, you WILL get there. If you would like the path to be a bit smoother, I recommend you get a mentor or a coach to help you streamline the process for your journey.

Recap to Diet Deprivation 

The bread didn’t make you do it. The thought about the bread is the problem. You made a commitment to yourself when you declared you were going to lose weight. Are you dating your goals or are you married to them?

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