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Do you feel compelled (like can’t RESIST) eating certain foods?

You may have heard me mention my love of cream-filled white powdered doughnuts??

I would keep them out of the house. Avoid them at all costs!…then I was only left with obsessively thinking about them….wanting them…imagining how INCREDIBLE they taste the last time I ate them!!!

If they were in front of me, I would drink tons of water hoping the water would somehow fill me up soooo much that I couldn’t possibly have room in my belly to eat them…yeah that didn’t happen.

And somehow, I always found myself downing not one…but 3 or more of them!!!

I was frustrated with myself.

Why in the hell can I not resist these doughnuts?!!!

I believed willpower and pure stubbornness would break me of this desire…

It didn’t.

This is when I started doing research…I read everything I could find hoping to get the answer to stop craving these doughnuts.

All I found were MORE DIET TIPS!!

❌ Clean out your pantry! Get those tempting foods out of the house! Make some tough choices and never eat that tempting food again because you will just crave it more!

❌ Switch out your favorite foods with some healthy version that kinda-sorta but not really “tastes” like the food you REALLY want to eat!

❌ Replace the habit of eating that favorite food and go for a walk instead!

❌ Never allow those foods entry into your house again!!

🙅‍♀️All those diets tips are setting you up for failure 🙅‍♀️

Not only did I try all the above… I taught it to my clients back in the day because that is what I knew at the time that “worked” (at least temporarily). 🤷‍♀️

Diet tips do NOT work in permanent weight loss.

Inside my group program, I teach you the 3 simple things you need to do to have permanent weight loss and live in the body you want. With my program, I help you recognize when you are in dieter’s mentality and help you get out of it.

What’s really interesting is the clients I work with don’t even realize they are in dieter’s mentality.

Cravings are a part of dieter’s mentality and learning how to “dance” with your cravings is a huge step towards understanding why you are the weight that you are.

I wanted so bad to NOT want the doughnuts.

But I desperately wanted the doughnuts.

And all those diet tips made me want those doughnuts even more!

So HOW DID I shift into being able to sit at a table with a dozen of my favorite doughnuts and not feel this urgency to want to gobble up each and everyone them???

This is what I teach inside the Crush Your Cravings Masterclass.

You will not get diet tips or avoidance tactics to rid yourself of your cravings.

What you will get is how I use mindset tools and skills to overcome my cravings.

This is not some voo-doo hypnotic mind control.

It’s understanding why you are craving those foods and how you can be relaxed and calm AND decide if you want to eat them…just because you want to eat them NOT because you have no control and must-eat-them-now!!

I have a virtual seat with your name on it in the Masterclass (Wednesday June 1st at 6PM EST) and you can go HERE and claim it.

This free Masterclass will change the way you look at food.

Grab your seat so you can learn how to feel calm and relaxed…and never let food control you again.

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