Fad Diets And Why They Are Bad

Fad diets are just that…fads!  Here today, gone tomorrow.  But never fear, just like bad fashion, you will see them again.  They may try to reinvent themselves but in essence are the same diet.

Fad Diets And Why They Are Bad

Fad Diets And Why They Are Bad Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

Fad diets usually include of one or more of the following:

  1. eliminate one type of food group

  2. are very restrictive

  3. are extremely hard to follow for a lifetime

  4. have you eating the same food (ex: cereal diets and grapefruit).

These diets are temporary fixes NOT a nutritional program for life.  And, yes, if you can survive the fad diet, you probably will lose weight.  HOWEVER, don’t be surprised when a couple months pass, and you have gained back what weight you lost and probably more.

Our society always wants the “quick fix”.  It is challenging to lose weight, that is why so many people fail on “diets”. The only consistent weight loss program combines a balanced diet and exercise.  A  healthy diet consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats along with exercise.

Next time you see a fad diet think to yourself,  “Do I want to yo-yo with my weight”,  OR “do I want to lose weight and keep it off?”  You have the choice.

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