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Fitting It All In

7 Tips On Fitting In Fitness

  1. Things that you consider a priority will ALWAYS come first. Now, if you don’t think your health and wellness needs to be in the top three of your priority list think of this…

  2. Would you like to see your kids grow up?

  3. Keep up with the younger employees?

  4. See and PLAY with your grandchildren?

  5. Have a quality of life as you age?

  6. Be independent as you get older?…do  you still think that you need to ditch your fitness plan??

2.  You need to become selfish. No you don’t have to forget about everyone but you do need so “Me-time”. 

3.  Set aside 5-20 minutes everyday to workout, to figure out your meal plans or just go for a walk.

4.  Schedule your workouts. Put them in red permanent marker on your calendar as high level utmost important meetings that unless someone needs to go to the ER, you are taking that time for yourself.

6. Start slowly and just make better choices everyday. If one day you choose a healthy salad for lunch as opposed to fast food…you are doing better.  Celebrate every positive step or steps you take!

7. How quickly do you jump back on? If you have fallen off the health and fitness wagon, how quickly do you jump back on? If it used to take you 3 months to get back on track and now it only takes 3 days you are making progress!

Shape It Up Nicole Simonin


Stop thinking so much and just do it. We can talk ourselves out of anything…but we can also talk ourselves INTO any thing.

Just get started and keep going! Fitting it all in takes time and practice. There will be speed bumps and many obstacles…this is part of the journey. Think of it as a game and every time you conquer an obstacle you level up!


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