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Food Spotlight: Applegate Farms

Food Spotlight:

I get a lot of questions about what kinds of foods I personally purchase.  So I thought I’d start a segment about just that!

So here is a great company I came across….Applegate Farms. They believe in old traditional values…ya know when meat was made from meat…not hormones, artificial and chemical preservatives. I came across this brand in Shoprite (look for it mainly in the organic section).  I LOVE the Sunday Bacon (in the bacon section at Shoprite).  Yes, it’s really bacon minus the nitrates.  Their cheese does not have growth hormones in them.  They are based in New Jersey so they don’t need to process their food (unlike getting meets from across the country). You can check out their website here .  You can also place orders online.  Worth checking out!

If you have a food you’d like me to check out or have a comment about this blog please put a response below.


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