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Garden Omelet

Garden Omelet Shape It Up Simply Slender Recipes Edition 2

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Garden Omelet


  1. 100 g Egg Whites

  2. 1 Whole Egg

  3. Mushrooms, sliced

  4. Roma Tomato, quartered

  5. Onions, chopped or sliced

  6. 100 g Simply Shredded Potato (or thin sliced baking potato)


  1. Take medium sized pan and with olive oil cooking spray pan.

  2. Place over medium-high heat.

  3. Add onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.

  4. Stir until cooked.

  5. Remove veggies and keep warm.

  6. Add potatoes and cook until crispy.

  7. Remove potatoes and keep them warm.

  8. Lower heat to medium-low (respray pan if needed).

  9. In small bowl, crack egg and mix in egg whites.

  10. Whisk until blended.

  11. Place veggies back into pan and reheat.

  12. Pour eggs and egg whites into pan.

  13. Cook until the eggs firm up.

  14. Plate potatoes and place omelet on top.

Serving: 1

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