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Good Full Body Workout (In 2 Moves!)

I have a good full body workout that you’re gonna love and it’s only two moves!

What You Need For This Good Full Body Workout:

  1. Beginners: Light dumbbells. (3-5lbs or 5-8 lbs)

  2. Intermediate/Advanced: Moderate dumbbells (8-10lbs or 12-15 lbs)

  3. Keep it light the first time you do it. Then increase as you become stronger.

Alternating Lunges with Lateral Raise

This exercise hits your whole body which is why I picked this a for your good full body workout. For the alternating lunge,  I like to lunge backwards. Only because it’s better for your knees. Make sure you watch the video above to hear extra cues for executing this compound exercise.


  1. Start standing with feet together holding a pair of dumbbells (see below for recommended weights)

  2. Take a step back with one leg into the lunge

  3. make sure you step back far enough so your knee is not drifting forward. It should stay behind your ankle or right above the ankle.

  4. The  legs should make a ninety degree angle at the knee

  5. Drive your weight through the front heel as you stand up.

  6. In standing position, bring arms out to the sides for lateral raise

  7. Make sure your arms are in front of your side seams

  8. slight bend in your elbows. You never want to lock out your elbows or your joints.

  9. You also do not want to lift your arms too high because if you lift them too high and your palms are facing down you can actually impinge your shoulder.

  10. Make sure you’re just lifting high enough where you’re gonna feel that deltoid kick in. When you lift that arm you want to feel the delt kick in not the upper traps. You want to keep everything focused on that muscle right there.

  11. Then switch legs.

Time Frame:

If you’re a beginner go ahead and start with 30 seconds. See how you do. If you’re more advanced you can go for a minute or even two minutes. If you are a beginner do the first exercise for 30 second without weights. If you are more advanced go for 1-2 minutes with a moderate weight.

The second exercise is another full-body one.

Jumping Jacks

If you can’t jump you could do modified jumping jacks or regular jumping jacks.

  1. Start with feet together

  2. Jump both feet out to side

  3. Return to starting position

Nicole’s Trainer Tips:

  1. Make sure that you’re jumping out wide enough.

  2. Make sure you can see your hands in your peripheral vision.

  3. Keep those arms as straight as you can. If you’re bent you’re not going to use as much momentum and force.

  4. Make sure your jumping jacks are nice and big.

Exercise #1: If you are a beginner do the first exercise for 30 second without weights. If you are more advanced go for 1-2 minutes with a moderate weight.

Exercise #2: Beginners start with 30-60 seconds Advanced 1-2 minutes

You can do 3-5 rounds for a quick good full body workout!

Alright, there you have it those two exercises to give you a great full body workout!

Want another great quick workout?? Go here.

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