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Having A Plan A

Do you have a plan?

There are some women over 40 who are waiting for the perfect moment to start a fitness program and it’s never going to happen.

Is this you???

I’ve got news for you.

It’s never going to be the perfect time.

It’s never going to be the perfect climate.

There’s always stuff going on.

So how do you approach your fitness plan…

Do you really want to do it??

That’s the first question you should ask yourself.

If you keep putting it off, what is holding you back?

When you’ve committed to doing something healthy for your body and are starting a fitness program, you’re probably are going to jump right in to your plan.

And it’s going to be great! And it’s wonderful!… for like the first two weeks… a.k.a.the “honeymoon phase” might even be three weeks if you’re pushing it …

But then after those first initial weeks…

Stuff Comes Up

You know a business meeting.. a last-minute board decision you have to go run to work or your child is sick and have to go pick them up …or a death in the family.

Things come up.

This is life, right?  

If we didn’t have those things happen, we wouldn’t have life.

So, I always like to have a couple plans made an advance.

Your Plan A

Your Plan A is your ideal situation.

This plan is when everything is hunky-dory. Your workouts happen at the time you designated, your food is on point, and your meals are all prepped. This is when everything flows nicely.

That’s your ideal situation is Plan A.

Your Plan B

Plan B is going to be your first backup plan.

This plan is going to be when there’s a situation where your workout needs to get bumped back for an hour because you have a meeting at work or your kids are home sick, etc.

Your plan B is going to be what can you do when these certain situations arise.

Say you’re traveling for business, what are you going to do to keep going forward on your fitness goals.

Some things you could do is:

  1. Have a travel workout you can do in your hotel room.

  2. Go check out the gym at the hotel.

  3. Go for a walk.

  4. Find walking paths near where you are staying.

Read how you can lose weight while traveling here.

Your Plan C

Plan C is when life throws you a curve ball.

  1. There’s a death in the family.

  2. You get sick.

  3. You’re going through a divorce.

  4. You just lost your job.

Whatever big life-changing moments that are going on. That is a time when you’re pretty much in “below maintenance” mode. You are like “okay what is the minimum that I can do so I feel like I’m still creating momentum to get me to my fitness goals”.

Because if a loved one all the sudden is on hospice, you’re going to feel like you need to be there ..and you do need to be there.

So let’s figure out what you can do in the hospital while they’re sleeping.

  1. Walk the hospital hallways.

  2. Go up and down the stairs.

  3. Do squats in the room.

Having a Plan C is good because a lot of times when these big life event happen people fall apart and their fitness goals go right out the door.

A great example is Christmas time.

The holiday season is here. Everybody’s having parties and there’s so much to do because you got to decorate the tree, get Christmas cards and all this other holiday stuff that is taking up your time.

And your fitness goals are the first thing to go out the window.

Then what happens in January when you go “oh my gosh what happened over the past …since November? How did I gain all this weight??”

It’s because you didn’t have a Plan C in place or a even a Plan B.

Recap On Having A Plan

Make sure you have your Plan A which your ideal situation.

Your Plan B which is not ideal but you can do when little stuff comes up.

Plan C is when life changing events happen.

Some of you may need a D or an E or F plans.

That’s totally fine.

The key is just consistency (not perfection) to make sure you stay on the path to your fitness goals.


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