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Holiday Cookies – HoliDAY Fit Tip

Say Yes To Yummy Holiday Cookies!!

Milk and Cookies with Note Reading

HoliDAY Fit Tip

Who doesn’t want to bake some yummy holiday cookies?

Don’t feel like you CAN’t have holiday cookies because you have fitness goals.

Homemade cookies, cakes and pies are sooooo much better for you then the store bought varieties (you know the ones that last for 7 years in your cabinet).  Remember those baked goods companies  have to make their products last for at least 3-4 weeks. That holiday cookies goes from the where it’s baked, shipped, stored on grocery shelf for sale, bought and put on your dinning room table … It has to have plenty of preservatives in there to keep it “fresh” for your holiday feast!

This includes pre-made cookie doughs.

Bake from scratch.

You can always make some healthy recipe substitutes (more on that later).

Make Holiday Cookies Fun!

Make cookies like you did when you were little!

  1. Crank up the holiday music…sing and dance while baking.

  2. If you drop something, do a squat to pick it up.

  3. Make a mess!

  4. Put cookies in oven and while you are waiting for the timer to go off do a quick workout.

  5. Pick healthier versions of your favorite recipes.

  6. Wash your dishes by hand then dry and put them away.

[Side Note: when you are baking watch your posture.  Ever notice that low back pain you get after standing too long??  You are probably relaxing your abdominals.  Pull your navel to your spine and squeeze your glutes (a.k.a. your tush) and add in some toe touch stretches and your back may not “hurt” as bad).


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