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How Can You Prevent Overeating at a Restaurant?

How Can You Prevent Overeating at a Restaurant?

These are just a few of the tips that I use and I also pass along to my clients to prevent overeating at restaurants.

Tip # 1 to Prevent Overeating at a Restaurant:

Order what you want.

Did you think a personal trainer would say that to you???

When you order your food, what I would like you to do is ask the waiter or waitress for a to-go box when your food comes. If you are at a pasta style place, (you know those pasta portions are about 10 servings) figure out exactly what you need to eat.

It is probably about the size of your fist.

Whatever does not fit in your fist area, you need to put it in that to-go container and take it home. You probably have four other meals that you can eat throughout the week so you are getting a deal when you order something like that and you can spread it out over the week.

If you are ordering in a non-Italian restaurant, eat until you are comfortably full and then put the rest in the to-go box. The problem with that is, if you wait until you are done eating and you are waiting for the waitress to bring the to-go box, you might be nibbling a little bit more than you probably need to. So get that to-go box as soon as your food comes out, slide the food in there and take it home.

Tip #2 to Prevent Overeating at a Restaurant:

You can order an appetizer as an entree. Appetizers typically are pretty small in comparison to entrees. Some of them may be higher in fats and calories so just be careful as to what you are choosing for your appetizer. You could do a side salad and an appetizer and that could be your meal. You would probably be amazed at how full you will become just eating that.

Tip #3 to Prevent Overeating at a Restaurant:

Desserts. Share with a buddy. Sharing is caring! Dessert can be challenging depending on what type of dessert you order, what mood you are in and what emotions you are going through at that time. If you do order a dessert, share it with a buddy or go back to tip No. 1 and get a container to take it home.

Bonus Tips to Prevent Overeating at a Restaurant:

I have three mini tips for desserts –

  1. Use the to-go box suggestion above 😉

  2.  Make sure you grab your waitress and tell her to take it away. If you have eaten a portion of the dessert and you really do not want to eat the rest and you do not want to take it home, make sure you grab that server or any of the waitstaff and ask them to take it away quickly. Less temptation sitting in front of you.

  3.  One of my favorite tips, from Jillian Michaels, is pour salt all over the dessert. I love this tip because once you dump that salt all over, you are not going to want to eat it and if you do, we need to talk! You can dump sugar on it or put some oregano on it – use whatever is on that table. Make sure that dessert gets enough stuff so you do not want to eat it and you are not picking at it.

Personally, I know if I go out to eat with a friend and we are chit-chatting and desserts arrive and we are enjoying the conversation and we are eating and not really paying attention to when our body is saying it is full (especially with desserts), you might eat the entire thing and if you find yourself at the Cheesecake Factory, that’s a good 1,000 calories for one slice of cheesecake!!

If you have tried any of these tips, please leave it in the comment section below or if you have a tip of your own I would love to hear it as well.

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