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How Often Should You Weigh Yourself

I get this question a lot from women especially and it’s how often should you weigh yourself?

I really don’t like the scale which I’m sure most women don’t.

I do use the scale when I assess my clients because it is part of the big picture but it isn’t the whole picture.

A lot of women who are so fixated on the scale it is just a number. It is literally gravity pulling on your body.

You do not have any self-worth tied to that scale.

How often should you weight yourself

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So how often should you weigh yourself ?

I think it really depends on the person if you are mentally okay with weighing yourself daily… go for it!

But if you get on that scale and it’s not the number that you wanted to see and the number is up and your day is ruined… then I say don’t get on the scale.

If you’re that attached to the scale, honestly, I wouldn’t weigh yourself at all.  I would go by measurements or I would all get a pair of tight jeans and put them on. Use that as a measurement.

Some people weigh themselves daily and then take the average of the seven days to figure out what their weight is. Realistically,  if you’re weighing yourself first thing in the morning when you haven’t eaten anything there’s no water in you and are in your birthday suit… you’re gonna be a lot lighter.  Whereas if you weigh yourself at night you may be heavier at night because you have food in your stomach. You may have a little bit of swelling if you’re standing on your feet all day.

If you really want to be obsessive, you can weigh yourself in the morning and at night and then take the average of that – I really don’t think it’s necessary because women also fluctuate so much in pounds . Depending on what time of the month it is you could go up easily a 5 pounds. So keep that in mind.

How often should you weight yourself

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There are certain foods like salt and sugar that will puff you up if you’re not drinking enough water.

My answer is…

You have to do what’s right for you!

If you find that you are really attached to the scale and it’s affecting your life and  is affecting you emotionally…then don’t get on the scale. There are so many other different ways that you can see if you’re progressing.

So I want to know what you think about the scale. Go ahead and comment below and I can’t wait to hear from you.

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