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How To Be Happy When You Arrive

Most people begin a weight loss journey with high hopes that when they reach their final fitness goal their life will be perfect and much happier. This may not be the case for everyone.

Here are some tips to help you be happy now as you go through your fitness journey:

1. Stop bad mouthing yourself! If we heard someone else saying the things that run through our brains we would probably slap them across the face. No more negative talk.

2. Be grateful. Be happy that you have the capacity to workout your body. Be grateful for all the benefits that you get from exercise.

3. Get off the scale! The scale is just one of many measurements that are used to compare your progress. But what about how much stronger you are or how you are looking in the mirror? Use other ways to track your success. It could be as simple as you are now able to walk up one flight of stairs without getting winded.

4. Act as if you are already there. Pretend you are already the fit toned woman you want to become. How does she act? How does she spend her time? What does she eat?

It’s great to have goals but enjoy the process and celebrate your little milestones just like you would your final goal.

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