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How To Quad Stretch Correctly

So many people do not know how to quad stretch correctly! If I see you do this …look out! LOL!…I have seen many a quad stretch in my day…and most of the time you aren’t doing the quad stretch correctly.  Watch today’s video on how to quad stretch correctly.

How To Quad Stretch Correctly

Key Points to An Effective Quad Stretch

Make sure your:

  1. Knees are together or at least pretty close together. This is to keep your knee and thigh aligned while in the quad stretch.

  2. Pelvis (a.k.a. hips) are lifted up in the front. This is to make sure you are stretching all the heads of the quadriceps.

  3. Foot is NOT being pulled into your tush. You add strain to the knee joint when you do this during your quad stretch.

So be honest…before you watched the video were you doing the quad stretch correctly?? Comment below and thank you for being here 🙂

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