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How To Recover After Overeating At The Holidays

How To Recover After Overeating At The Holidays Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

The holiday season can be a time of cheer and joy…but it can also set you up for feelings of guilt and self-loathing. Use the tips below to know how to recover after overeating at the holidays.

There is a lot of pressure to eat during the holidays…to attend all the parties…to not “offend” anyone by not eating the food they made.

If you have given in and overate to the point where you are completely stuffed OR are just frustrated with yourself because you didn’t follow the plan you set up…. you are not alone.

Clients come to me because they want accountability.

They want guidance.

They what to know “why the heck can’t I resist those stupid holiday cookies?!”

Part of the whole holiday overeating has nothing to do with food.

It has to do with what you think about those holiday foods and about yourself…what you say you REALLY want…eating the food is just the actions that you are taking.

So, let’s say you over ate to the point where you are very uncomfortable.

You may feel bloated, constipated and to top it off… super guilty.

Everyone overeats from time to time (yes! EVERYONE…) It happens but the problem is what you tell yourself AFTER it happens.

How To Recover After Overeating At The Holidays Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

Here Are Some Tips On How To Recover After Overeating At The Holidays

Drink Up

This is going to make you even more uncomfortable physically… but drink water.

Drink at least 8 oz of water.

Why make yourself more uncomfortable?

Water is going to help get your digestive system moving.

Once the water starts to make you use the restroom…you will start to feel better physically.

How To Recover After Overeating At The Holidays Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

Move Your Body

Do not punish yourself with a grueling workout the next day. But start right when you feel uncomfortable. Go for a walk or start pacing inside your house or at the party. The next day I still recommend an easier workout. Walking and stretching especially if you still feel full.

Eat with Awareness

If you have overconsumed food, do not eat again until your stomach is growling. This might be 12-15 hours from when you overate. As long as you do not have any medical issues, you will be fine listening to your stomach signals.

The Snowball Effect Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

Avoid the Snowball Effect

If you are the host of the holiday party and you still have tempting foods in the house or you just feel inclined to “keep the party going” by continuing to overeat for the next couple days or weeks…this is what I like to call “The Snowball Effect”. You start overeating at the party and it snowballs into the next couple days and possibly next couple weeks, etc.

It is extremely easy to get out of your healthy routine…why? That darn primitive brain of ours. It seeks comfort and pleasure. Add to the dopamine hits you probably got if you over did it with sugar and refined carbohydrates…. you may find yourself in an avalanche.

Find out why it’s a HoliDAY not a HoliMONTH by clicking here.

Freeze or Donate Leftovers

Get the extra food out of the house if you find it’s too tempting for you.

You can donate to local charities or bring to a local family in need.

Freezing the food is also an option. Make sure you freeze the food in small portion sizes so you aren’t having to thaw out a huge chunk of food to eat.

(See below on how to manage your mind around all this food.)

Freeze or donate leftovers  Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

Get Accountability

People want to put their heads in the sand when it’s holiday time. This is where having a coach or fitness professional is essential. Helping clients navigate their way through the holidays is how I give accountability to assist them through this time of year.

Investigate the Remorse

Feeling guilty after overeating??

I find that some guilt isn’t so bad…but if you are sobbing in the fetal position over what you ate than guilt is not your friend.

When I have a client that is berating themselves over what they ate or how much they ate I like to ask them:

What was going on around you before you overate?

What thoughts where popping up in your mind?

Where you in a trance when you were eating (like unaware of what you were doing)?

Did you notice when you became full?

Do you know why you continued to overeat?

We dive deep into what’s really going on. Because food is just food. An inanimate object until you put your thoughts and feelings in the mix.

How To Recover After Overeating At The Holidays Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

Change Your View Point

Don’t punish yourself. You are just trying to figure things out.

When this situation arises again (and it will) what would you do differently? What would you do the same?

Lastly on how to recover after overeating at the holidays…

DO NOT Punish yourself with a grueling workout or hours on cardio equipment

DO NOT Go on a detox diet or juice diet

STOP punishing yourself.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals shape it up nicole simonin

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