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How To Relieve Tight Hamstrings

How to relieve tight hamstrings

Trouble stretching out the back of your legs?

Can’t touch your toes??

Find out how to relieve tight hamstrings with these 3 stretches!

Do you have tight hamstrings? Most people do.

A lot of people that I see, especially runners, have really tight hamstrings.

Where to Find Your Hamstrings

How to relieve tight hamstrings

If you’re not familiar with where the hamstrings are located, they are on the backside of your leg. Your hamstrings run from the back of your knee all the way up into your glutes (a.k.a. tush).

Your hamstrings are the muscles that basically bring your legs back and assist helping to bend your knee.

Having tight hamstrings can actually lead to a lot of problems.


  1. hip problems 

  2. back problems

  3. knee issues

How to relieve tight hamstrings

How This Is All Connected

The body is all kind sort of stacked on top of each other, like Jenga.

If you were to pull a block piece out of the Jenga game…everything becomes a bit off kilter. You always want to try and attain balance between strength and flexibility.

3 Stretches To Relieve Tight Hamstrings

Watch video for demonstration of the 3 stretches to relieve tight hamstrings:

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