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How to Survive Disney Meals

Disney Trip

(This post was originally posted Aug 26, 2014)

So I have been EXTREMELY fortunate to be on vacation for the month of August (Some clients have told me I am never to do this again 🙂

We have been to California for half the month and finishing up down the shore. We (of course) hit Disneyland while in CA so I thought this previous post was still appropriate 🙂

Make sure you read the whole post…the story at the end still makes me chuckle!

How to Survive Disney Meals

My family and I just got back from Disney.  A great trip! My kids are at a good age (almost 4 and one is 5).  They get sooo excited over the Disney characters. If you have ever been to Disney (or on any vacation) you know how hard it is to stick to your fitness goals.  The temptation of delicious desserts and tantalizing meals is just so hard to say “no” to…I mean you are on vacation…a time when you’re supposed to be letting your hair down and relaxing.  We’ll if you have small children (or a husband who scheduled activities from sun up to sun down) you know it is hard to stay on track.

Disney Meal Ingredients

I have discovered the four main ingredients of Disney meals:

  1. Salt

  2. Sugar

  3. Oil

  4. Heavy Cream

I believe the eggs were even sautéed in butter!

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Disney!  I think it is a magical place for kids of all ages.  But you can magically gain 10-15 pounds very quickly if you are not watching what you are putting in your mouth.

Walk Off  The Disney Meals

One of the things I observed at Disney that I found really shocking was the number of “hover-rounds”.  Ya know the automatic scooter/wheelchair.  I completely understand if you have a medical condition that prohibits you from standing on your feet all day.

Now this is pure speculation, but a majority of the people on these hover-rounds were overweight people.  Do I think they are lazy?  Absolutely not!  I can’t imagine carrying around an extra 100+ pounds all day at Disney.  But one of the great things about Disney is that you can pretty much walk everywhere!

I wish I had brought my pedometer to see how many miles we trekked every day.  What a great way to counteract the calories in the Disney foods.  It made me very sad to see the large number of overweight people.  Now, I did not follow anyone around to see if they maybe walked when they first got to the park and then switched over to the hover-round but it is very scary to see how sedentary we have become. The escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, the segway…by the way I got to try the segway…a really cool invention!  But again another way for us to be sedentary.  Have you ever seen the Disney movie, Wall-E? The characters pretty much sit in a chair and the robots do everything for them.  A very grim future if that should happen.

Tips To Offset Your Disney Meals

So here are some of my tips for vacationing:

  1. Drink a TON of water!  I mean LOTS.  You’ll be running to the bathroom but trust me you’ll learn how to go quickly. Take a look at the park map and find out the “tucked” away bathrooms.  They’ll have less people in them and they are usually cleaner.

  2. Do NOT put any foods off limit!  This is setting you up for failure.  As soon as you say “no” to yourself you will want it, crave it and even shove people out of the way to get it.

  3. Eat until you are full.  Listen to your body.  It’ll tell you when it’s full.  (If your metabolism is really out-a-whack, I recommend trying to fix it before you go away).

  4. Walk fast to get to your next ride, pace or rock when you are in line.  If you have kids, this is a great time to get some bicep and squat work in…pick them up and down, play…it’ll help pass the time and keeps your kids from getting bored.

  5. Get real!  You are not going to lose weight on the Disney meals. If you come out of Disney with a 5 pound weight gain, I think you did pretty darn good!

Funny Disney Story (but might be too much TMI for some…)

I just have to share this personal story….

One day in particular was very eventful…We were having breakfast with the Princesses for my daughter’s birthday celebration and my son wasn’t feeling so good. My daughter did not want to eat the huge birthday cupcake she had received so my son ate it. The cupcake did not stay down long and he got sick all over the table.  So my husband took him back to the hotel to get cleaned up and my daughter and I stayed to go on some rides.

While waiting in line, I kept asking her “do you have to go to the bathroom?”  The answer was always “no”.  Then I looked down and saw a puddle by her feet.  So we got out of the long line and (thank goodness I brought extra clothes for her) went and got her cleaned up.

I called my husband to see what time we are meeting up and he said they had started to walk back over to the park and a bird pooped on my son….wait there’s more….so we finally meet up for lunch and my daughter gets a raspberry smoothie.  While sitting at her seat, she must have tried to lean on the table and missed.  She went down taking the bright pink smoothie with her!  She was fine but now she was covered head to toe in pink smoothie (it also hit my husband and myself)!  My husband was smart enough to bring her another pair of clothes so she was clean enough to walk back to the hotel to jump in the tub….this all happened before noon!  Luckily the rest of the day was pretty uneventful and no one else needed another change of clothes 🙂

Have a magical day!



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