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How Triggers Derail Your Progress

Imagine you’ve just come home from work. It’s been a long day.

Your kids are probably arguing.

Your husband or spouse is kind of grumpy because they too had a long day at work.

You come home and you still have to make dinner.

You don’t want to make dinner…what do you tend to do?

Do you grab for a bag of chips? Do you grab a glass of wine?

What is your trigger?

In the scenario, I gave above… when you get home a lot of times you are not even aware of the things that you are doing.

She Did What??

I had a client who worked at a bakery and I had her do a food log.

She did not realize that every time she walked into the bakery in the morning she actually ate four donuts ..within the first hour!

That is eye opening right?!

So what was her trigger?

Her trigger was that she came into work and the first thing she would do is grab grab a doughnut. This trigger was unconscious to her which lead her to the habit of eating 4 doughnuts to start her work day.

What Are Your Triggers?

So in the scenario above, when you come home there are triggers all around you… like when your kids are arguing or when you’re having an argument with your spouse… where you just had a long day at work when you come home…you’re looking for that mood change.

Sometimes the trigger itself is the mood change.

If you grab a glass of wine you know the wine is the trigger. One sip and all of a sudden everything is calm and wonderful right?

It could be that you’re coming home and you grab some M&Ms as you walk in the door after you place your keys down.

Try to see what kind of habits you do and see if there are triggers that come before them.

I had another client who would get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom and then on the way back to bed they would grab a snack… so I don’t know how hungry they were going to and from the bathroom but that became a habit. They went to the bathroom (the trigger) and then ate a snack (the habit).

Triggers Feed Habits

When triggers start out they are typically very unconscious and then they become habits…

Habits are either moving you towards your goals or away from your goals.

Action Step For Triggers

Your action step for today is to be aware of what you’re doing throughout the day and see if there’s any of those trigger moments.

It might be that you’re going into the break room and you’re getting a cup of coffee but right next to the coffee are some jelly beans and you’re eating the jelly beans.

Or you tend to go visit a person at their desk because they always have butterscotch candies.

Just be aware of what you’re doing and look at the little things that you’re doing that may lead to bigger habits. Once you catch these triggers, you will be able to start changing your patterns and become more likely to succeed in losing weight/inches.

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