Journey to the Stage 11-8-17

My journey to the stage continues….

In August of 2017, I decided to step back on the stage…not as a professional ballet dancer like in the past…but as a bikini competitor. This is my journal of my journey to the stage.

Why am I sharing this with the world??

For a couple reasons…

#1 Having me post about my journey keeps me accountable. If you want to see more behind the scenes follow me on Instagram click here.

#2 If I can help motivate other women (like you) take a step out of your comfort zone then it is worth putting my journey out there into the Ethernet 😉 You don’t have to have a goal of stepping on the stage but maybe your goal is just about starting to go for a 20 minute walk each day? Go for it. The only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself 🙂

My tentative date for my competition is May 19, 2018

Thanks for being here 😉

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