Lose Weight While Traveling


This is the time of year when you might be getting ready to head south for warmer weather…. I don’t blame you one bit!

Staying true to your fitness goals doesn’t have to get sidelined until you get home.

It Is Possible Lose Weight While Traveling

Here are some travel tips to lose weight while traveling:

  1. Check out ahead of time where the gym is located or physical activities you can do while away.

  2. Find out if there’s a running or walking path near by.  (Also, a great way to sight-see).

  3. Pack a jump rope.  This is one of the most overlooked piece of fitness equipment you can own and the beauty of it is it’s relatively inexpensive (you can get a good one for about $10)  Don’t waste your time on those dollar store ones.  Click here for quality jump rope that I use.

  4. Pack some exercise bands.  Again, very easy to fit into your luggage, inexpensive and very versatile. Click here for band workout. With these bands, you can get a great workout without leaving your hotel room. Want to see what I use in my training sessions? Click here.

  5. Like to swim?  Jump in the pool and get a fantastic cardio workout!

  6. Explore wherever your destination takes you!  Sight-see with walking tours.  Try to avoid the bus or taxi….your feet were made for walkin’!

  7. Going to a beach location – walk or run on the beach.  Excellent workout!

  8. This is the most important tip of all!!!  Do your workout in the morning. First thing. No excuses.  You can do a great workout in 20 minutes. Get up and get ‘er dun! 🙂

Wherever you travel to, you can always get your workout in! Get a quick travel workout here.


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