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Make A Difference

Wouldn’t You Like To Make A Difference?

I talk to people all the time that say ” I would love to workout with a personal trainer  but…..” and then there is usually some excuse like “she has 100 kids and works full time” or “is sick all the time” …these are all valid excuses.

But they are just that… excuses.

I love this reason “I already belong to a gym”.  Well, let me ask you…what kind of results have you seen since you’ve been at the gym?…

Make a difference in your life today!

Make a difference in your life today!

What I am hearing you saying is you have not made commitment to yourself and your family to put your health first.

I have clients who have kids, full time jobs and illnesses and/or medical issues but guess what …they are there faithfully doing their workouts because they know that they can’t be 100% to anyone else unless the put themselves first. They know they are making lasting changes.  Just take a look at Shape It Up Success Stories and you will see people making a difference in their lives.

How Shape It Up Can Make A Difference

Shape It Up’s main focus is get you the results you want. When I train my clients, my focus is on you and what works for you.  I love customizing my client’s programs because everyone is different. There are so many layers to losing weight. So much more than just dropping pounds.  It’s not just about exercise and eating right.  There is a whole psychological level that is different for every person.

How Can You Make A Difference In Others Life’s

  1. Become the example.

  2. Be the inspiration.

  3. Weed out your information . Make sure the source of your fitness and nutritional information is from a reputable person. Some one who is certified by a creditable personal training company.

  4. Just start. It doesn’t matter how far you are from your fitness goals. Just start already! 🙂 Go for a walk. Add a piece of broccoli to your plate. DO something.

  5. Spreading the word about health and fitness.  You never know when it might spark someone to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

You could be saving someone’s life.

Just do something to make a difference.

Fitness is contagious!

When you feel great inside it flows into everything you do! It just takes one action and you’ll see how fitness can be life altering.

Remember it’s not just today that you can make a difference.

Everyday, you have choices to make. Make good ones and your body will reward you!

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Nicole Simonin Personal Trainer

Nicole Simonin Your Personal Trainer

About the Author

Since 2006, Nicole Simonin has been a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Shape It Up, LLC. Nicole is recognized for her well-rounded approach to fitness. Through private and online personal training, Nicole motivates, educates and inspires women to get fit and healthy. Her passion is to empower busy women to not only get fit but to be fierce in life and have no limits as to what can be accomplished. Click here to work with Nicole as your personal trainer.


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