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Mindful Eating

If you listen very carefully, your body will tell you when it is full…but you have to listen. Most people are not aware of what they are eating, let alone enjoying their food.  People are hurrying to finish lunch, so they can go back to their desk and sit.  Enjoy your lunch break. Eat slowly and really taste your food.

You can easily ingest over 1,000 calories without even being aware of it.  For example:  A fast food lunch at a popular fast food restaurant: Chicken Grill Sandwich (no mayo)(298 calories), large serving of fries (522 calories), Milk shake (415 calories)…total of 1,235 calories…that’s over half your daily calories!!!

Don’t wait until you are so hungry you will eat anything….because you will!

Plan ahead.

Better choices are made when you are not ravenous.

Fast food places are starting to listen. They are starting to offer healthier choices but check out the nutritional information before assuming it is healthy (many have information online).

Enjoy your food!!  Savor each bite!  Eat like you will never taste that particular food again.  Listen to yourself and stop when you are full.

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About the Author:

Nicole Simonin is a local South Jersey fitness expert recognized for her well-rounded approach to health and fitness.  Nicole’s mission is to spread the truthabout weight loss and how to become healthier.  Shape It Up services include Private and Small Group Training, Online Personal Training, Nutrition, Health Coaching and Yoga.   To learn how Nicole can help you achieve your fitness goals, click here to get started.

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