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Must Do Stretches Before Running

I find that my runner clients NEVER stretch!

Those people also wonder why they have back problems or shin splints. It is not always the actual running that is causing the problem. It might be because you are not stretching.

Always make sure you warm up before completing your stretches. You can also do these stretches after your run/workout too.

Hamstring Stretch

Lying Single Leg Hamstring Stretch


  1. Lie on back with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

  2. Bring left leg up, grab calf and gently pull leg towards your head.

Nicole’s Trainer Tips:

  1. Keep tailbone on the floor as you stretch.

  2. Straighten knee of leg being stretched.

  3. Flex foot for add intensity to stretch.

  4. If you cannot grab calf, grab back of thigh.

  5. Do not grab directly behind your knee.

Thigh Stretch

Standing Quad Stretch


Stand and grab foot bending knee.

Nicole’s Trainer tips:

  1. Pull up on front of hip as you pull back on the leg. It is not about putting your foot to your tush.

  2. Trouble balancing? Place one finger on navel or nose…trust me it works.


Need assistance with grabbing your foot in the quad stretch …do this stretch below. **If you do not have a stretch strap you can use a looped belt or a dog leash.

Standing Quad Stretch With Strap


  1. Standing place loop of strap around foot.

  2. Pull foot back behind you with the strap.

Nicole’s Trainer tips:

  1. Pull up on front of hip as you pull back on the leg. It is not about putting your foot to your tush.

  2. Keep strap on same shoulder side as the leg that you are stretching to keep the knee and hip in alignment.

Leg and Back Stretch

Wide Leg Alternating Stretch


  1. Stand with feet hip width apart.

  2. Bend forward at the waist and reach over to the right foot and hold.

  3. Then reach over to the left foot and hold.

Lunge Stretch


  1. While kneeling, place one foot in front and have your knee of other leg on the floor behind you.

  2. Keep the back leg neutral position and then lean your hips forward.

Nicole’s Trainer Tips:

  1. Make sure your front knee is over or behind your heel of the front foot.

  2. Keep the hips square to the front.

  3. Use a rolled up mat or towel and place under knee for added knee comfort.

Single Leg Calf Stretch


  1. Place on foot back into a small lunge.

  2. Place heel of foot on floor.

  3. While keeping back knee straight bend front knee and lean forward.

How did you do? Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

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