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Passive Cool Down Stretches For Women Over 40

Passive Cool Down Stretches For Women Over 40 Shape It Up - Nicole Simonin

It is just as important to cool down as it is to warm up properly (click to read more about how to warm up properly)

Most women over 40 completely skip the cool down!

I get it! You feel you are short on time because you have to go back to the office…but skipping the cool down is like slamming on your car brakes going 100 miles per hour.

By performing your cool down, you are helping your body recover and acclimate to normal activities.

What Is A Passive Stretch?

Passive stretches (or static stretches) are when you hold a stretch and passively increase the range of motion or elongate the muscle. As opposed to a dynamic stretch where you are gently moving through your active joint range of motion. (Read more on dynamic stretching here).

Here Are Some Passive Cool Down Stretches For Women Over 40

Hamstring Stretch Lying Single Leg


  1. Lie on back with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

  2. Bring left leg up, grab calf or behind thigh.

  3. Gently pull leg towards your head.

  4. Hold and breathe.

Nicole’s Trainer Tips:

  1. Keep tailbone on the floor as you stretch.

  2. Straighten knee of leg being stretched.

  3. Flex foot for add intensity to stretch.

  4. If you cannot grab calf, grab back of thigh. Do not grab directly behind your knee.

Cobra Stretch


  1. Lie on floor face down.

  2. Bring hands up under shoulders.

  3. Push into ground while lifting your torso up.

Nicole’s Trainer Tips:

  1. Keep abs engaged and feel the stretch in the abs not in the back.

  2. Modified- place elbows on the floor.

  3. Regular- push up on hands.

Sitting Kickstand Neck Stretch


  1. Sitting clasp hands behind your back.

  2. Place on floor as far back as you can.

  3. Sit up straight.

  4. Bend chin to chest.

  5. Hold.

Nicole’s Trainer Tips:

  1. Press hands into floor and use as a “kickstand” as leverage.

  2. Pressing into the floor will help you press the chest forward increasing the stretch.

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