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PSA: Beware Of Stupid Diet Advice

Beware of stupid advice that sounds smart. It’s everywhere. 

A couple of years ago at a vendor event, a lovely lady was so excited to talk to me about her weight loss. She had overeaten so much on a holiday, and to get over feeling stuffed, her chiropractor had advised her to eat one small apple in the morning, and then, four hours later, to have a piece of steak.

That is ridiculously stupid advice.

Diet Deprivation: Why Diets Make You Feel Deprived Shape It Up Nicole Simonin

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The lady just felt better because she didn’t eat a lot of food that day. There’s no magical potion for weight loss.

Be wary of what kind of information you believe. Make sure you’re getting it from a reliable source. if you’re looking for solid, truthful guidance on how to lose weight CLICK HERE to schedule a free 10-minute consult with me. And I promise – no stupid advice. 

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