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Tailgating Tips From A Personal Trainer

Tailgating Tips Shape It Up

Spring (I think) has finally sprung here in South Jersey (though that is questionable after the snow storm we had last Saturday…I digress…) Even though it is not football season, you may find yourself out tailgating at your kids sports game this weekend. As a personal trainer, I still have to remind my clients that they do not have to hibernate while losing weight.  You can still enjoy life AND get the fitness results you want.

Here are some tips to help you stay on your healthy path, enjoy the food and still have a great time!

Tailgating Tip #1 Bring A Dish

Bring something healthy. Make a dish that you know you can have without feeling like you are going off your healthy meal plan. This way you know if all else fails you have your dish to rely on.

Personal trainer's always have containers on hand for their meals.

Tailgating Tip #2 Choose Wisely

Peruse your options. When I go shopping for clothes, I will walk through the whole entire store to see what they have and then I will go back through store and pick out what I want (this drives my husband crazy :). I want to make sure I know all the options available to me so I can make a well informed decision. Take a walk around the tailgating area and check out all the different kinds of foods.  Then pick 5 foods that are your top picks to try.

Keep the 5 tailgating foods you picked in check:

  1. You can either take a small portion of each selection

  2. Or take as much as you like and bring small containers or sandwich baggies.

  3. Place the uneaten portions in the container and place in a cooler so you can eat some tomorrow or later on when you get hungry again.

  4. You can be discrete about bagging the extra food up, simply put what you want on your plate and when you get back to your car unload the food into containers.

Tailgating Tip #3 Water

Drink a ton of water.  Every time you take a bite drink about 10 ounces of water. This will help make you feel full so you won’t eat as much.

Tailgating Tip #4 Alcohol

When it comes to drinking alcohol if you can do without that is the best healthy scenario. If you do decide to drink, do the same as above…for every drink you have of alcohol have 10 ounces of water.

Keep in mind that when you drink alcohol your body’s primary job is to get the alcohol out of your system. Which means nothing is getting digested until the alcohol is all gone.  Also, when you drink your inhibitions drop which may mean your health fitness goals may fly out the window along with your food choices.

Using these tailgating tips will help you not feel guilty about sabotaging your fitness goals AND allows you to enjoy socializing at a tailgate party!


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