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The Funk Aftermath: Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

How far are you willing to venture out of your comfort zone?

Spring  has sprung here on the east coast! The trees are budding and the cherry blossoms have bloomed. Everything seems to be waking up! Yeah!!

Comfort zone

My last couple blog posts have been kinda like my outlet for what I have been going through…you can read them here and here…. I wasn’t sure if I “should” of shared what I was going through but I did anyway. I am glad I did because over the past year, I was really struggling with my goals.  But I am soooo grateful I went through all the misery because I feel like I have made it through the tunnel. I am now back on the other side.

Over the past year, I have learned a lot about myself and why I do the things I do.  It was quite a slap in the face with some of my realizations and some things I wasn’t particularly proud of.  For the last four weeks, I feel I have made the turn but if I hadn’t gone through all that funk I might not be in the mindset I am in today.

One of the things I discovered was I kept repeating the same mistakes over and over again …. what’s the definition of insanity?? 

Maybe you are finding yourself in the same situation? …

If you find yourself gravitating to the latest fad diet or fitness program ask yourself “Did it work? If it did work, how long did it last?” And if it didn’t last technically it didn’t work.

How can you achieve the goals you set for yourself?

I think we all need a reality check every now and then. I am not talking about lowering lofty goals but I am talking about what these goals represent to you.

Are you REALLY stoked about getting those goals?

More importantly are you committed to doing what you HAVE to do to achieve those goals.  It’s one things to say you want a goal it’s another thing to actually do the work necessary to achieve that goal.

So are you dreaming big on your life goals OR are you playing it safe staying in your comfort zone or telling yourself “I could never do that”.


If you truly desire to be healthy and fit why haven’t you achieved it??

Easy goals are just that …easy.

How about stepping out of your comfort zone and going for it?

Pick a goal that is challenging and one you have to work hard at achieving…doesn’t that bring more satisfaction than a “blah” goal???

Do you want to look back on your life and say “man, I wish I had done that” or do you want say “I crushed that goal!  And I can’t wait to tackle my next goal!”

You become more empowered by each success you have so reach for the stars.

If that really frightens you…GOOD! That means it’s a goal worth tackling!!

So now I have frightened you??….It is also okay to pick a goal that is just a toe outside of your comfort zone. …GO FOR IT!

Once you feel more confident pick a goal that is a whole foot out of your comfort zone! Eventually, you will just jump completely out of your comfort zone and not think twice 😉

Comfort zone

Go for it! Don’t live a life of regret. 

Live an empowering life where you get to be the best version of yourself and it will be contagious. Not only will it spill into other parts of your life but you never know who you will inspire along the way.

Having looked at my demons and skeletons in the closet made me appreciate fitness, health, and well-being. I feel like I am stronger mentally. I feel like I am ready to tackle some serious goals!  However, this time I will have a new approach. Sometimes you must go through some crap to become a better version of yourself.

You can have all the knowledge in the world but it does no good if you don’t use it.  And if you aren’t sure how to do something you get help from a reputable person. There is no shame it that.

Comfort Zone


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