To Go Primal or Not? (Paleo diet reviewed)

Paleo or Primal Blueprint has been circulating over the past couple years…probably made famous by CrossFitters…

And confused with a version of the Atkins diet….

This is the gist of the diet:

You eat like our former caveman/cave-women dwellers did millions of years ago focusing on:

  1. Grass-fed meats

  2. Wild-caught fish

  3. Tons of veggies

  4. Minimal fruits

  5. Healthy fats

Here’s what you can’t eat:

  1. All grains

  2. Processed foods

  3. Refined oils

  4. Sugar

  5. Legumes

  6. Starchy veggies (there are some options like yams and squash that are allowed if you do endurance activities).

  7. Dairy (* may add back after you see how they affect you).

  8. Alcohol

The main goal of the Paleo diet is to get you back to nature and claims to take care of many common ailments such as:

  1. Diabetes

  2. Gluten intolerance and gut ailments like Crohn’s and Celiac

  3. Rheumatoid Arthritis

  4. Allergies

  5. Osteoporosis

So here’s how some “Paleo experts” approach the diet….”try it for 30 days and see how you feel”.

Some people can adjust to this style of eating fairly quickly but then there are others who may feel like absolute crap for 3-4 weeks (yes the whole 30 day trial period). You will feel lethargic and your strength (if you are working out) will drop but they say if you can tough out the 30 days, you apparently feel great at that point! Plus you apparently drop body fat like crazy…Score!

I don’t really like to give clients a “diet” because typically a “diet” is associated with eating a certain way for a short duration of time. So you know how it goes…you lose the weight while doing your “diet” then you stop the diet, you gain back the weight (and then some)…only to have you looking for the next latest and greatest diet out there.

The reason Paleo has me intrigued is that I am a migraine sufferer, bad allergies and hypoglycemic issues. Over the past couple weeks, I have been experimenting with the Paleo “rules”.  (I have been calling it “Paleo-esque”).  I have been eating a ton of healthy fats, meats and veggies along with Ezekiel breads, sweet potatoes, squash and fruits.   Not 100% Paleo but definitely different than my usual meals. Typically, I eat low fats, good amount of carbs and lean protein.

The other big thing that appeals to me about Paleo is NO FOOD LOGS!!!  Alleluia! I (probably like many of you) HATE to food log.  Paleo, because it’s mainly fats and protein, makes you feel satiated and so you eat until you are comfortable.

I will tell you even though I haven’t been 100% Paleo, I have noticed that I am full longer and I don’t have the “carb-foggy brain” that I typically have.  I have also noticed that I am much more sensitive to sugary carbs.  Like if I eat regular bread, I tend to have a hypoglycemic reaction within 1-2 hours after eating it …even when it is paired with protein.

So I am continuing with my “Paleo-esque” experiment and over the next couple weeks I will let you know what results I have had with it and then you can decide if it’s something that might fit into your lifestyle.

Until then!

Nicole Simonin

PLEASE NOTE: This article is intended for educational purposes. It does not intend to diagnose or treat. Please contact your physician for medical treatment.

About the Author:

Nicole Simonin is a local South Jersey fitness professional recognized for her well-rounded approach to health and fitness.  Nicole’s mission is to spread the truth about weight loss and how to become healthier.  Nicole Simonin’s Shape It Up Fitness Programs has helped many women become healthier and increase their confidence. Nicole’s mission is to spread the truth about weight loss and how to become healthier. Shape It Up services include Private and Small Group Training, Online Personal Training, Nutrition, Health Coaching and Yoga.

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