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Warm Up Exercises For Women Over 40

Being over 40, you need to warm up a little bit longer. You might need to warm up for 10-15 minutes.

Why Warm Up?

  1. Take the time to acclimate your body, increasing blood flow and increasing temperature of your muscles will help you get a better workout. A good warm up will increase your heart rate, loosens up your tendons and ligaments, and help lubricate your joints in preparation of getting the most out of your workout.

  2. Warm up using your choice of cardio equipment. I like to start my clients off with the treadmill. Start with walking and build to a faster walk pace or a light jog. You can also use an elliptical for non-impact warm ups. I like to use standing up cardio like the treadmill or elliptical. You will incorporate your full body as opposed to sitting on a bike. Same rules…start slow and pick up the pace as you get warmer.

  3. If you are not using equipment, I like my clients to warm up with side stepping, marches in place, lite jog in place, etc. and build up to jumping jacks or other impact exercises if the client doesn’t have any joint issues. See below for some examples of warm up exercises.

Warm Up Exercises For Women Over 40

Finish your warm up with some dynamic stretches. You can read more here about dynamic stretches.

Warm Up Exercises For Women Over 40

Side Stepping


  1. Start by stepping out on the right foot to the right side of your body. Then bring in the left foot to the right. 

  2. Step out on the left foot to the left side and bring the right foot to the left.

  3. Continue to go back a forth.

  4. For increased intensity, swing your arms front and back as you step.

Curtsy with Jack Arms


  1. Start standing with feet together.

  2. Take a side step to your left while bringing your right leg behind and on the diagonal back.

  3. Bend the knees (like you are curtsying).

  4. As you stand back up to transition to the other side, bring your arms out and up above your head.

  5. Repeat on the other side.

Nicole’s Trainer Tips: Try to keep as much weight as you can in the front heel during the curtsy.

Butt Kickers


Similar to jogging in place but you bring feet up to tap your butt as you run. Can be done with feet flexed or pointed.

After your warm up ALWAYS get in your dynamic stretches before starting your workout. Read more here.

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