What’s Your Breaking Point

What is your breaking point? When have you said “enough is enough”! Today, I am at my breaking point!

[Originally published March 2017]

breaking point

Over the past six months, I have steadily gained over 10 lbs. and significant inches (mainly at my hips). My clothes are tight and uncomfortable. I have been trying to take a different view on my body and my life.  I have indulged in treats I haven’t had in a while and my current habits are a result of clothes feeling excruciatingly tight and I refuse to go buy clothes in a bigger size.

I am at my breaking point.

If you are reading this and wondering “isn’t this a personal trainer’s blog”. You are indeed correct! I am a personal trainer (and if I don’t sound too egotistical…a darn good personal trainer).  But just because I can dramatically help my clients get into great shape doesn’t mean that I don’t have faults and problems of my own. It’s like going to a psychologist and thinking they have it all together, have no worries and no issues in their own life. Everyone has baggage.

If you have been following my blogs, you will know that I recently have been very frustrated with the scale, with measuring food and how I feel about myself. I have been very transparent about what is going on in my head and how it is affecting me.  I was really hesitant to share my thoughts and experiences with the world-wide web…was not really sure how people would respond.   What I have found is it has been kinda cathartic for me and people have sent positive comments about how hearing this has inspired or helped them in some way or another. SO in an effort to continue (hopefully) helping at least one other person in this great big world please read on….

breaking point

Not the really out there books which say you should wait for the stars to align themselves and everything will be hunky dory.

I like the self-help books that kinda get in your face and make you think and dream and most importantly give you a swift kick in the tush to take ACTION.

Due to my recent re-evaluation of how I live my life (food logging, being obsessive, all-or-nothing thinking), I dove head first into my “self-helpery” books.  I started really looking at how uncomfortable I am right now.   I don’t like how I feel physically. I am uncomfortable in my skin. I feel lazy. I feel unmotivated.  Exhausted….and well, bored.

After eating what I have wanted and taking a step back from working out as much as I used to, I have realized I definitely DO NOT like this current existence I have created.  This way of life is much worse than counting calories, working out and fitting into my clothes.  I don’t like feeling like I need a nap because I have been sitting too long.  I do not like feeling stuffed after I eat a meal.  I do not like how I feel after eating processed foods and/or junk.  I like…no I LOVE having goals. I love feeling driven like I am working towards something. Feeling like I have a purpose in this world…. but I cannot feel that way if I don’t feel good about myself.

breaking point

Too Busy??

I received an email from a person who has shown an interest in hiring me to help her reach her fitness goals. I am not sure when I initially met her but it’s been at least three months. The email stated that she cannot start with me because right now her life was just too busy.  A totally legitimate excuse, right?

She is not the only person who has uttered this to me.  Maybe you have even said it “I’ll get started on my fitness goals when [fill in the blank] gets done”.

There are quite a few problems with this statement:

  1. What I hear when someone says this to me is “I am too busy to put my health and wellness first in my life”. How sad is that?  You are basically saying “I don’t really matter. My health is not that important to me”.  Why not?  Why isn’t that a top priority for you?? If you are healthy and fit doesn’t that mean you can do more for others and yourself. Isn’t that you being the best version of yourself??

  2. Everyone is busy. Ask anyone how they are doing…” I’m doing great but really busy”.  How about the people who are fit and healthy, aren’t they busy too??  Don’t we all have the same 24 hours in each day…the same days in the calendar year?? (If anyone is hording some extra days somewhere please share them! Lol :-).  Healthy and fit people are busy but they are making getting fit a priority in their life.

  3. You will never be “ready”. It’s like the couple who is waiting to have kids….there will never be the exact ideal time. Never.  Maybe you’ll be ready when the doctor tells you have diabetes? Or that if you don’t change your lifestyle your life will be cut short? Is that your breaking point? What is gonna snap you awake to make you want to make changes in your life??

In the three months that have gone by, if this person had made the commitment to start putting herself as top priority, she might have been down a whole dress size by now. Don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing her.  Just pointing out that three months something could have happened to get her closer to better health.

breaking point

How Frustrated Are You Really?

My body has been maintaining this extra weight over the past 3 months and I have come to my breaking point with carrying this extra “luggage” around…I cannot and will not live this way.  Maybe I needed this mental break to see this so I am not saying it was a waste of time but it’s not fair to me, my kids, my husband, my clients or anyone else I come in contact with. I have not been putting my health first which means  I can’t be my best version of myself which means I can’t help all the people that are in my life.  This is something I have complete control over.  I choose how I want to live my life.

Life is going to continue. Time will pass. How do you want to spend that time? Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin?  I DO NOT.  I like feeling alive. Attacking goals makes me feel empowered. I am not gonna lie, it can be hard to get fit but I think it’s even harder to stay heavier. Time will pass whether you do something about your health or not.  It comes down to how you would like to spend your time…feeling unhealthy, lazy, exhausted, unmotivated living a mediocre life…. or do you want to feel healthy, energized, empowered and on top of the world??

I know which one I want!

breaking point

Don’t Wait For Your Breaking Point

Whether you need guidance from me or you just want to start on your own…the most important thing is that you START!  Don’t wait for your breaking point.  Stop making excuses because if you truly wanted to be healthy and fit you would be already (more on that in another blog). Take action today to get you one step closer to a healthier version of you and an amazing life because you can get fit, be fierce and have no limits to what you can accomplish!


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