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What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

You have just finished trick or treating with the kids… or maybe you are like my house and have a bowl of candy but get no trick or treaters…Don’t worry I am not offended with the absence of costumed kids. We live in the country and most people go “into town” where there are sidewalks for their Halloween stash.

So once Halloween is through and you have hopefully only eating few of your favorite candies (because come on it’s not like you can’t get more Reese’s Pieces at the store next week…)

Before I dive into what to do with leftover Halloween candy…I have to say I don’t really like some of the options because I feel like we all could do with a little less candy in our lives…just laying that out there…now on to…

What To Do with Leftover Halloween Candy

  1. Freeze It You can throw the candy in a freezer bag and when you want one you can pull it out and eat it.

  2. Beware of the Creepers…I am talking about slipping into eating more than you intended to.. read more by clicking here.

  3. Donate it. You can google in your area at different drop off points whether it be a senior center, shelter or overseas programs for our troops. There are also dental offices that are accepting Halloween candy donation and they forward the candy to charities.

  4. Here’s link to New Jersey participating groups. Click here for NJ link.

  5. Bring It Into the Office Put it in a candy dish in the lunch room and I guarantee it will be gone by 1 pm that day.

  6. Throw It OUT!

  7. That might seem harsh or wasteful but it comes down to this…if you eat it you will be adding more pounds which is only going to make your fitness journey longer.

You can enjoy Halloween candy and still stay on track with your fat-loss goals. You can find out more ways to find better alternative Trick or Treat Sweets by clicking here.

What ways do you deal With Leftover Halloween Candy? Comment below.

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