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What To Eat Before and After Your Workout

Do you know what to eat before and after your workout?

Depending on what type of workout you are doing will determine what you are going to eat.

  1. High cardio based workout–>more carbs to get you through that workout.

  2. Weight training –>some carbs but lower than in cardio workout.

  3. Yoga –> test out what is comfortable with your stomach and what foods you can eat. You shouldn’t do yoga unless you have eaten at least 2 hours before hand.

Personally, I like to wait at least hour and half before I workout. Because I don’t like things sloshing around. I don’t want to have to feel like I am going to throw up during my workout.

Do you? …No I am sure you don’t.

What is an ideal meal?

What to Eat Before Your Workout

An ideal meal for a regular workout that includes weight training and a little bit of cardio is:

  1. A good protein.

  2. Egg whites, chicken, turkey

  3. Complex carbs.

  4. Oatmeal, quinoa, multi-grain bread, yams/sweet potatoes, white potatoes, rice, etc.

  5. Fats on the lower side.

  6. You will not need to add fats. You will get enough from the protein.

Why lower fats?? Because fats…they kinda make you tired and you want to have as much energy as you can when you go into that workout. Right? You don’t want to be sleeping in the corner while everyone’s working out.

What to Eat After Your Workout

After your workout,  your body has depleted glycogen and you want to restore those glycogen levels.

  1. Glycogen is sugar.

  2. Sugar is important for your brain and muscles.

An ideal meal after a regular workout is:

  1. Simple carb

  2. Fruit

  3. Protein

  4. Fast assimilating protein such as a protein powder.

  5. Fats

  6. Avocado, nuts, etc.

Time Frame For Eating After Your Workout

A good rule of thumb is to eat with within an hour after your workout.

This will help you replenish your body.


The whole point of working out is that you are depleting your body of glycogen and breaking down muscle fibers. Getting nutrients in will help you so you can recover quicker for your next workout.

Why a protein shake? 

It is very quick for your body to break it down.

A shake is easy to have it made before your workout so after your workout you can drink it an get on with your day.

Should You Workout on an Empty Stomach Or In A Fasted State?

I don’t recommend working out on an empty stomach. I just don’t think that is smart. But some people do. This goes back to everybody is an individual.  We are genetically made up differently. Some people may thrive doing fasted cardio or a fasted workout. Me personally… I can’t do it. I will be on the ground in the first 5 minutes. I need to eat and I hope you do too.

What do you like to eat before and after your workout? Share your thoughts below.

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