Why Women Aren’t Losing Weight Over 40

Why women aren’t losing weight over 40 …

I was trying to come up with a great topic for the podcast today and I found myself researching on the internet for ideas on why women aren’t losing weight over 40. I keep seeing videos or posts on how women over 40 aren’t losing weight …because they’ve had kids…or things are just “different” now that they are older….basically all doom and gloom.

I am sure if I continued to watch or read they would have had this magical exercise or the perfect potion that you needed to lose the weight over 40 …but I just couldn’t continue listening or reading.

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Because weight loss… actual scale weight loss.. is simply calories in vs calories out. No matter what age you are.

We know this.

It has been proven over and over. We know we need to move more and eat less than we are burning to make that scale number decrease.

This does NOT account for how you actually want to look.

What I mean by that is …you can lose scale weight but you will just look like a smaller version of yourself. If you have a small torso and wide hips…you will just have a smaller version of this.

If you want that lean, toned look you need to incorporate resistance training. This is typically the look that most woman over 40 are going for.

So if you say you want to lose weight… why are you not doing it.

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Why are sooo many women aren’t losing weight over 40 still struggling with losing weight?

Yes exercise is important.

And yes nutrition is important.

But after working with over 100’s of women, I feel there is a third element missing…

I like to call these the Trifecta.

#1 Exercise

#2 Nutrition

#3 is what fills in the gap between where you currently are and where you want to go…this is your mindset.

What do you think about when it comes to weight loss? Why you will or more importantly will NOT take action towards your goals. Or why you take some action and then stop and restart?

Clients come to me when they are frustrated that they are still spinning their wheels on diets or when they have worked with a trainer that thinks they need a beat down in every workout.

Your mindset is the secret sauce to getting you that physique you desire.

I offered a challenge to my clients this month. A challenge that made some clients really upset. This challenge was intentionally designed to evoke strong feelings because when these feelings come out that is when you really see where you a being held back and being resistant.

You can lose weight when you have the right mindset tools in place. The great thing is once you have these mindset tools for weight loss they also help out in other areas of your life.

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So, here’s a quick test to see if you need these mindset tools:

1. Do you want to feel more comfortable in your own skin?

2. Are you tired of dieting?

3. Do you constantly lose weight then gain it back then lose it …then gain it back?

4. Are you ready to REALLY change?

If you said yes to any of those questions…seriously go schedule your consult call and get started on losing the weight for good!

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