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Why You Don’t Do What You Say You’re Gonna Do

“I Will Pick You Up At The Airport”

If I said “hey I’ll pick you up from the airport when you land”.

You’ve landed…and you wait … and you wait…I’m not there.

I don’t call or text.

I don’t call later.

Nothing has happened to me.

No car wreck.

No reason other than I changed my mind and thought it was too much work for me to come get you…and I didn’t bother to call or text  because wellI just didn’t want to hear what you had to say.

So what is your opinion of me?

Do you think I’ll be the first person you’ll call when you need another ride from the airport …or for anything??

Probably not.

Now, what if I said I was going to pick you up and I showed up …not even on time but EARLY.

 What do you think of me now?

You’d probably call on me to come get you again. Because I agreed to pick you up and I did what I said I was going to do.

So which version are you?

When you say you are going to pick someone up at the airport, do you show up or do you not?

How is this different than the promises you make to yourself?

If you tell yourself “I am not going to overeat tonight when I go out to dinner…” Do you honor that commitment to yourself?

What Have You Said You Were Going To Do?

Do you have a to-do list?

How long is your to-do list?

What would your life be like if you have completed everything you said you were going to do?

Seriously take a second to think about this….

Maybe you have a bucket list?

And you want to go skydiving.

Or maybe it’s something small like you are going to reorganize a drawer in your kitchen.

Why haven’t you done it??

Reasons Why You Don’t Do What You Say You’re Gonna Do

  1. Maybe your goal is too big in the time frame you want to achieve?

  2. Maybe your goal is to lose 100 lbs. That is not going to happen in one month or in 6 months…might not happen for a couple of years!

  3. Maybe you really don’t want to achieve your goal?

  4. Our brain wants to gravitate to pleasure and avoid pain. If you think losing weight is going to be painful…guess what you aren’t going to want to do??

  5. Your actions dictate your results.

  6. If you’d rather dive into a bag of chips than go for a walk you’ve made your choice very obvious.

  7. You haven’t actually committed to it.

  8. It might not be a top priority right now. If you don’t clean out your kitchen drawer life is not going to end. If you say you want to lose 50 lbs but you still are overeating on ice cream every night – losing weight is not a top priority for you.

Your Brain Makes Pathways

You brain makes neutral pathways and they become habits ( I will have another video out on pathways in the near future) …the more times you ditch yourself the more it becomes ingrained and becomes harder to break.

Good news is…The opposite is true too!

The more you honor your commitments the more you will believe in yourself and trust in you!

9 Tips To Do What You Say You Want To Do

  1. “But I Don’t Wanna”

  2. Watch out for “But I don’t wanna” …yes our inner child loves having temper tantrums especially when it starts to get hard (again we gravitate toward pleasure NOT pain)…The more time you give into your inner temper tantrums the more you solidify that habit.

  3. Mind Trust

  4. You need to build trust back into your mind. How many diets or exercise programs have you totally committed to only to ditch them shortly after?? Now, maybe they were not a good fit for you. But if you start with small steps you will begin to build trust and integrity in yourself

  5. Watch your Language

  6. How do you talk to yourself. Do you verbally beat yourself up if you don’t follow through? I asked a client recently what if they met a woman who was 100lbs overweight. What would you say to her if she was overeating or not following her program? Would you say the things you say to yourself?? Probably not. Talk to yourself with kindness. That doesn’t mean you are getting off the hook for what you said you were going to do and didn’t follow through. You are just being caring and kind. Stop hating yourself thin!

  7. Show up!

  8. There are some days you just barely holding on. You need to show up for yourself. It’s like the mom who rushes home from work to make sure she shows up for her daughter’s soccer game. That’s a priority and you are solidifying that bond.

  9. Choose Your Goals Wisely

  10. Don’t agree to something you know is not gonna happen! If you are a brand new exerciser don’t commit to 6 days at the gym for 2 hours a day. It ain’t happening!  I LOVE big goals but they need to be chunked down into waaay smaller achievable goals. If you’re new to working out, start with a 30 minute workout at home 2 times per week.

  11. Get Real Help

  12. Work with a certified trainer for accountability. Aunt Suzie is not going to keep you accountable. You do not want someone who is going to give you a pass. There are going to be days when you are not motivated and your going to need an outside nudge. Hiring someone gives you skin in the game and helps you navigate through those rough times.

  13. What Are You Getting Out Of Your Goal?

  14. Imagine the benefits out of whatever you are committing to. If you lose your belly fat, you will be healthier and may live longer. However, if you go for daily walks in the park, you are not only getting movement but you might meet some new walking friends there. Think about what you are getting out of it (hence the pleasure part). If you hate working out but love the way you feel AFTER the workout you focus on the feeling after.

  15. Priorities

  16. THIS IS A BIG ONE- what matters gets done. Is the world going to end if you never clean out the messy kitchen drawer? No. If you just found out that if you don’t lose 50 lbs you are going to die…you bet your butt you will be finding the best personal trainer out there, cost would not be an issue and you will be laser focused on achieving that weight loss.

  17. No More Excuses.

  18. Stop making excuses. Sorry lack of time is not a reason. We all have 24 hours in a day. I have many clients with extremely busy schedules and they fit it in. It’s how you choose to spend your time…again priorities.

So Which Are You??

If you have made a commitment to yourself that you will lose weight, get healthier or get stronger…are you going to pick yourself up at the airport or are you going to leave yourself there?

Are you going to honor your commitments and do what you said you are going to do?

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