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Women’s Month Is For Inspiring And Empowering Others

Women's Month

We’ve come a long way ladies!

On this day today, February 28th in 1909, the first Women’s Day took place in New York City. It honored the one-year anniversary of the garment worker’s strike in NY that had taken place the year before.

Before the 1970’s, women’s history was not a well-known topic.  March 8th was chosen as the International Women’s Day. For the first time in 1978, the Education Task Force of Sonoma County in California initiated Women’s History Week.  In 1987, Congress declared March to be National Women’s History Month which honors extraordinary achievements in American women.

Woman's Month

So as the years have gone on we started out with celebrating women for one day, to one week and now for the whole month.

Personally, I think we should celebrate women every day!!

Women’s Month was really created to recognized the women who have changed the course of history.  Which I say a hearty “Thank you!” to them. If things had not evolved over the years, then I would not be sitting here writing this blog much less running my own business! I do think those women deserve to be written into history books and talked about ….But what about the mothers, sisters, and women we don’t hear about?

Women's Month

As women, we have evolved into autonomous beings but we are still holding onto guilt of being a working mom or not being able to juggle everything (house, kids, meals, taking care of ourselves, working, being a great spouse, etc.). When societal “expectations” start filtering in it can be extremely overwhelming for a woman.  You may feel that you should keep your house clean to certain expectations.  Or you may feel pressure to have a job AND be able to handle the children AND household duties AND be the perfect spouse AND still have time for yourself. Whew! I’m exhausted just writing that….  I do think we can have it all. We just need to get rid of the “shoulds” in our lives.  Stop living up to other people’s standards and start setting your own standards.

I am NOT condoning sitting around like a bump on a log. I’m merely suggesting you select standards that YOU feel are best for you.  Maybe those dishes in the sink can wait until tomorrow so you can spend valuable time with your family? Or maybe you can put your health as a top priority so you can be more productive and happier.

Women's Month

My daughter turns ten today (double digits!! Yikes!). If you have ever met my daughter, she will tell you exactly what is on her mind. I have no fear that she will ever become a door mat for someone. She has the tenacity and attack that I think will take her far. Not only is she bright, quick witted, a little spit-fire and a beautiful child she is kicking butt and taking numbers along the way (I am biased mind you ;-)….I would like to think I had a part in her ferocity.

I also was told as a child that I was a little spit-fire but there was a time when I felt like I had lost my voice and my identity of who I was.  Having Shape It Up, helped me to find my voice again. In the beginning, I struggled  to make Shape It Up a thriving business.  I had many failures and mistakes which has led me to the success I currently have. All the while I was trying to build my business, my daughter was watching me.

Part of that fact frightens me because I know kids pick up more on what they see than what they are told. But this also helped keep me on track with things.

This is why I:

  1. Try to think of my actions.

  2. Make time for my workouts.

  3. Do my best to eat healthy.

  4. Go annually to the doctors for routine check-ups.

I take care of myself so I can be the best version of myself for my kids, my family, and friends.

SO, yes bravo to the women who have helped pave the way to our freedom but let’s not discount all the unknown women who push through stereo types and put themselves first.

Women's Month

Much of today’s news is about bulling and people tearing each other down one way or another.  We live in a fear-based society. Why can’t we build each other up? Can’t we compliment each other instead of gossiping behind someone’s back? Why can’t we accept everyone’s differences? That is what makes us all unique and special. We all have an exceptional gift to give to the world. No one can take that away from you because your gift is only yours to give. We all matter. There’s a reason you were put on the face of this Earth. Be inspiring and empowering for the people that surround you! It’s is highly contagious so give it a try.

How Shape It Up Is Celebrating Woman’s Month

During the month of March, Shape It Up will be celebrating Women’s Month.  As a reminder of how empowering we can be and need to be for ourselves and for other fellow women, Shape It Up will be handing out wrist bands that have an inspirational quote. These are free to anyone who would like them. I only ask that you share them with every woman that you know. If you would like to get a bunch of bands to share please click here.

If you found my post to have valuable information or have something to share please feel free to leave a comment below.

Nicole Simonin Personal Trainer

Nicole Simonin Your Personal Trainer

About The Author

Since 2006, Nicole Simonin has been a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Shape It Up, LLC. Nicole is recognized for her well-rounded approach to fitness. Through private and online personal training, Nicole motivates, educates and inspires women to get fit and healthy. Her passion is to empower busy women to not only get fit but to be fierce in life and have no limits as to what can be accomplished. Click here to hire Nicole as your personal trainer.

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